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About To Murder The Shit Out Of My Acn, How Does This Sound?

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So, i've been on a tretinoin cream for 1,5 months now and i'm much worse off than I used to be. I've decided to quit it. I've been reading up on vitamin supplements and it seems the main things people are having succes with are:

-Vitamin B5 for reduced sebum production, as my skin is quite oily. Will also take a regular B-supplement without biotin.

-Vitamin D3, generated by sun exposure, helps the skins immune response. I don't get much sun so a deficiency is likely.

-Omega 3: anti-inflammatory, and I never eat fish and nuts so my omega 3:6 ratio is skewed. I probably don't get any omega 3 at all..

-Zinc: already tried zinc oxide supplements, it seems I need to try a diffrent form as it isn't helping. Helps by regulating hormones which can be useful as i'm a teen.

-Chromium: Helps by regulating insulin levels, though I have a low sugar diet.

Not sure about vitamin A, and E though. A might function like tretinoin but that made me much worse.

Another thing i'm trying out is changing my sleep cycle. I thouroughly fucked my sleep cycle up during the vacation, by going to bed at times randomly alternating between 11 PM, and 3AM, and then waking up whenever I wanted, usually arround 1PM.

From now on i'm going to bed at 9PM and waking up at 5AM (due to my job). Every day, and i'm making my room completely dark in the nights.

Any tips/suggestions/questions? Let me know what you think!

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I mean if you want to quit it that's up to you. Are you going to use another type of treatment, or are you going to stick to supplements and sleep regulation. No matter what, make sure to drink lots of water, eat less junk food, and don't look in mirrors in much so you won't be forced to pick. You may also want to experiment with your diet, taking away gluten or dairy.

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sounds great like green gables said you should try eliminating dairy and sugar and cold water splashes would be great and you might want to try the water only treatment it might work wonders for you

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