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Need to find TCA peel kit

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if i may ask why are you looking a TCA for ? for what problem .

i just did a peel like that - and got EXCELLENT AMAZING results, but - if you have active acne - there is no point of doing it (unless you want to spot treat scars or something).

as for buying it through the net. try googling "tca peel 12.5" and see the results . it gives many results of buying such a peel

good luck !

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You know wat? i found the TCA stuff but it seems sorta dangerous with the burning as it says. i'm only looking for a peel that with decrease hyperpigmintation spot (brown spots) if you have any ideas please let me know. Thanks for the response, my active acne is almost all gone, now i'm left with spots. mad.gif

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hi again smile.gif

well, i did my 23% TCA peel just this week. and i'm still at home.

i wrote here every day a post describing in details all the process and what i went throgh every day + i have photos in my card so you can check and see the amazing results


i won't recommend you (really really won't recommend) to do this alone.

don't take chances. do this with an expert who knows how much layer to put. it's very critical.

i god my good results cause i followed all the rulls. please read my posts if it interests you.

good luck !

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Hi, there is information about red marks in the FAQ. Hydroquinone is the best treatment for them, whether they are red or brown.

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