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I think it's really important to have a regular system that works. I used to try and research so many things in the past with minimal results on my skin.

I'm currently on a program with an esthetician. I have been amazed by how much knowledge she has regarding the process of acne formation, diet, and general causes (genes, hormones, oil production, etc.)

She has placed me on a careful home-care system containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and mandelic acid.

The products are being gradually used during the first two weeks of the program and I am on day 6 at the moment. I have been given comprehensive instructions for the first 14 days


- AM routine

- PM routine


- avoid peanuts, dairy, iodine, soy

- I have asked about the significance of sugar and gluten

- take Barlean's Essential Woman (omega 3, 6, 9)

- zinc 50 mg

- B12 sublingual

- I am also going to add 3 Ca+vit D capsules per day (100% dv)

- vit D weekly supplements (50 000 IU - I am about to run out and have to go to the doctor for blood tests at some point.)

- going to start drinking green tea

Tomorrow, I'll be starting a 7 day juice cleanse. Which means 6 to 8 12-16 oz freshly-made juices per day. My mom's going to do it with me, so we are planning to alternate making the juices and cleaning the juicer each time. It should be fun!

Updates to follow.

Also, today I bought Bare Minerals Matte foundation in Warm Tan. It's a popular colour so I'm hoping it should be good. While I wait for my brushes to arrive in another BM kit from QVC, I am going to use a bamboo foundation brush I found at Walmart. Tomorrow morning will be my first time using the foundation. Hopefully it will be good! I really appreciate the minimal ingredients and their organic nature.

I also purchased Josie Maran's Argan Oil eyeliner, which is on a super-sale on Amazon. I'm looking forward to using it.

Yay for a great day. There have been some tough times because of my skin but I am happy to be taking gentle care of it and staying positive about everything.

~ voirlesetoiles ~

Things to know about acne

I may have a gene that causes more layers of skin cells to be produced and shed

My unique hormonal profile is related to oil production

Stress (and amount of sleep) are related to oil production

We all have the same bacteria on our skin

The combination of products such as cleanser and then toner, acne extraction, and facial peels can help products such as benzoyl peroxide penetrate the layers of the skin and work better.

Benzoyl peroxide is great in its pore-refining actions towards the clear maintenance of acne skin

I am looking forward to my next skincare appointment in about a week and a half. I'm looking forward to it and think that it will be very helpful.



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