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Hi Everyone

I have all the four types of scars and am wondering what would be the best treatment. Currently I am using silicone for the hypertrophic scars and will look into steroid injections once I am off accutane. I know I have to wait 6m to a year after accutane for everything else but am just trying to research early to find out my options.

So far for my shallow boxcars, and shallow ice picks I was thinking ablative fractional co2 would work best. But I also have what I think are rolling scars on my cheeks. I would not say they are deep like how they look in pictures I have seen online but they do leave my skin with a kind of wrinkled texture and are very close together.

Would this type of laser help rolling scars. Maybe in conjunction with subscision? Does subsicion provide life long results? And does the laser help at all (or ever make worse) hypertrophic scars.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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Sadly, I think you'll have difficulty finding a doctor who will do ablative co2 laser following silicone injections. Here's a study on why:



There are some more studies linked here for your reference:


You would have to find a doctor experienced with treating silicone injected skin with laser. Even then, you would be at much higher risk of complications.

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Tokyogirl, I believe the poster means silicone scar sheets to help flatten the hypertrophic scars. And like the poster mentioned, this is about the only scar treatment that can safely be used whilst still on accutane. They have not used silicone injections or any other type of treatment for the atrophic scars yet. Thanks for the links though and doing research to help others!

And yes, subcision is permanent. Hopefully others with more experience will chime in.

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Apologies. I just noticed he said hypertrophic scars. I read right over that and saw the word injections in the latter part of the sentence. I should slow down and read. My fault!

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