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Nearly 2 Years On The Regimen - My Advice To Others

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Hi guys! I haven't been on the site for a long time but figured I would make a quick post about my experience with the regimen. I have always had very acne prone skin and had tried a lot (although not everything) before discovering Dan's products and acne.org. I had tried pretty much everything over the counter, proactive, and antibiotics. Dan's regimen isn't really a miracle, nor is it magic. The one thing that he has figured out that a lot of other skin care companies haven't is that BP works, and although people think they want maximum strength, the 10% is just going to irritate their skin and frustrate them into not buying the product again. Dan's BP works well because of the 2.5%, and he sells it in the largest quantity that you can find anywhere, which is my main reason for continuing to buy his products. Basically, the other brands just haven't caught on yet.

Do I follow the regimen as Dan advises? I did at first, but now I pretty much just make sure that I always put BP on. Honestly, once you get used to the regimen, you can pretty much use any cleanser and any moisturizer that you want, but I would recommend just using Dan's at first. The BP is the important thing. A lot of times if I'm going to put foundation on, I don't even use moisturizer. I also don't stick to the exact number of pumps (I think it's supposed to be three?) ... I just put on an amount that feels right to me. As long as it's covering your skin, I think it will work fine. If it doesn't work after a week or two, start using more. I kind of think the 3 pumps thing might make you run through your products too quickly and end up wasting your money.

Is my skin perfect? No. But I'm not perfect with the regimen either, or even the BP. That said, I'm totally fine with the way my skin looks.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask me! smile.png

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Guest T.M.

I agree with BP being the key. I think people look to much into the ingredients in cleansers and moisturisers. Its really the BP thats doing the work. I've tried everything over the years.

I've read up a lot about the acid mantle of skin and whilst its all good science, no matter what I've tried, I keep getting acne. I've used acidic cleanser, alkaline soaps, all sorts of moisturisers, and natural stuff but I always keep coming back to using BP when my skin gets to much to handle.

I could probably use any cleanser I was handed and any moisturiser and not notice any difference as long as I was applying the BP in the end.

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