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Nervous About What Might Happen.

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Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since I've been on here. Just been focusing on other stuff like sport, school, and somebody else that's been on my mind. For about two months or so, my skin started clearing up, but now I'm breaking out again and I'm possibly seeing this girl that I really like a lot in two weeks time. Legit, we've never met in person and only chat via Facebook for a solid couple of hours every single day. She lives on the other side of the country, yet she's coming down for some dance thing for a week, which is pretty rare. Yeah, she means a lot to me, and all of that, but I'm afraid if she'll say anything or I'll feel uncomfortable regarding my skin. It might be both my skin and seeing her in person for the first time. How do I not feel nervous?

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I would just focus on her and getting to spend time together. Remember that you are more than your skin! You have a lot to offer and she cares about you too.

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I don't think she's that shallow. And I also don't think your skin can be all that bad. Just be good to it and drink plenty of water.

And try honey masks. I always endorse these because they really have been such a life changer for me. I have giant pores, oily skin, and typically a face filled with white heads and all that fun stuff but with honey every other night I swear to you it gets rid of hyperpigmentation (which I have a lot of after 10 years of acne), clogged pores, the whole schpeel. My skin looks almost completely clear. I NEVERRRR get compliments and I have been.

But the key is you have to leave it on for at least an hour, hell I've even slept with it on a couple times.. but it's a scary scene in the AM sometimes if you don't have a towel covering your pillow EEK. And if you add half part lemon juice ZOMG your face will glow. Lighten a little bit (which helps even more with hyperpigmentation which idk if you have but it is seriously a bummer).

Seriously try at LEAST two or three honey masks and tell me that it did not change your life. Good luck! And like iskaestar said, have fun! And really what else do girls want but fun?

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