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Questionsss! Help Me Please! :3

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current situation: I just finished week 5 of the regimen. I'm turning 20 in about 2months and college starts again in about a month. I've been hiding in my room the past 5weeks lol. I have about 4 pimples that are currently healing (i couldn't help it and I popped them...). My skin keeps flaking like crazy no matter how much lotion or jojoba oil i apply on it. It's worse around the mouth and chin area, sometimes it feels so tight I find it hard to eat, talk or smile -.- Other than that I suffer from hyper-pigmentation from previous acne. Oh and the cleanser moisturizer and bp is all from acne.org


Is it safe to start gently exfoliating?

I have cure natural aqua gel, it's supposedly the best selling exfoliator in japan. It's suppose to be really gentle because it doesn't have beads or anything. Here's the link to the product to you can find out more if you want. I've only used this once or twice before I started the regimen, and it made my skin really soft but I don't know how it will be adding it to the regimen because I haven't exfoliated in the past month (my skin is flakier than ever).


If you have flakey skin do you also pick at it..and is it bad?

I'm finally at 2 full pumps and I find myself unconsciously picking at the flakes and lightly trying to rub it off in the shower. Or I slather about 15drops all over my face and try to lightly rub off the dead skin, but despite my efforts I still have flakes.

How the heck can I put on makeup?!

The first week and a half I applied makeup just fine...but then dun dun dun I ramped up the dosage and my face turned red and dryyy and started flaking. I know it's really hard to make it look nice on top of dead skin but does anyone have any tips? I've read all the makeup tips from dan but it wasn't really that helpful to me. If I use a tinted moisturizer should I apply moisturizer prior? if not how much do I apply and how long should I wait? any product recommendations?!

Should I purchase egyptian magic?

Have you heard of egyptian magic? I keep hearing great things about it and was wondering if I should purchase it after I finish my dan moisturizer and cerave moisturizer. Both moisturizers ..are just okay for me because in the end I still have flakes/dry skin. Here's the link if you are interested too or if you want to look into it.


I'm sorry it was such a long post but I didn't want to make multiple post/topics. I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer any of these questions!! Thanks! Please share your suggestions and ect! rolleyes.gif

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It's a shame to see your flaking so much, I know what it's like and so do many other people on these boards, it will be mostly dry around the mouth and chin because of your mouth, talking, eating ect, that's the reason but not much you can do.

It's good to see your following the regimen so well, however don't force yourself to do so, personally I use BP only at night, it works so much better for me, my skin doesn't go as dry, well, it doesn't really go dry any more, but in general I cant go out with BP on my face in the morning, I don't like it, and I think it's ite noticeable on my face. Also I like to overload with mousturizer after BP, and during the day that's a no no.

In regards to your problem with hyper pigmentation, I have a little bit on my nose, as for uneven skin tone in general, since I only use BP towards the middle of my face it actually discolours my face a bit, I use a sunbed just to even out my skin tone, works very well, and a nice tan can make your face look so much better, and a tan, without burning yourself is good for you!

My advice for your dryness is that you try using BP once a night, not twice a day, if your acne returns or it's not effective then go back to twice a day but perhaps use a bit less BP, don;t overload with it, I know you need a good amount, but it's getting the balance between using a lot, and using enough, personally I can see a lot of people misinterpreting the acne.org instructions thinking you must smother your face with BP which isn't the case. Try using it once a night, and a bit less of it, also, cool you face with cold water after you cleanse your face, it's feels good, and for me it calms my face.

As for exfoliating try THIS, however I like to do this on a night before a shower so there isn't really anything on my face, I find that works better. Also, I have tried adding a bit of bicarb of soda to the jojoba oil and it works very well, try it if you want, works for me! Also, AHA is a good thing to try, but make sure the problems your having with BP stop before you use that, and try it on it's own first, when you first use it, it WILL sting.

you will love how the jojoba oil gets rid of all those flakes! (Use a lot of jojoba oil)

In response to the questions about the extra products, I wouldn't bother, I see good reviews for things everywhere, and when I try stuff, before I saw the acne.org regimen, they just didn't work, it's not worth it and my advice is you stay away from those sort of things.

Stick with the regimen, it pays off when the BP doesn't irritate anymore.

Unfortunately I can't comment on make up, being a boy and that tongue.png

Good luck!

Sorry for such a long reply smile.png

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Egyptian Magic ingredients: Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly & Propolis Extract

Nothing special, really. And olive oil is not great for the face. It can be highly comedogenic and give you clogged pores.

If you have flakey skin, take a soft, wet washcloth and gently rub it in very small circular motions to remove the flakes. If the flaking gets too bad, you need to cut back on how much BP and/or AHA you use.

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