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On Regimen For 15 Months, Still Breaking Out.

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So what am I doing wrong? The longest span of clear skin I had since I started the regimen was about two weeks, last winter. I haven't changed anything in my regimen. I do lactic acid peels every 1-2 weeks, but I don't think this is purging. My skin is always clearest the week of my period so it's obviously hormonal. I was clear the week of my period and my skin looked great, now it's one week after my period and I have about 4 angry, painful zits. Problem is I reacted very badly in the past to birth control pills so I am very wary of taking any prescriptions that mess with my hormones.

And advice on why the regimen is not working? I will admit I am not strict when it comes to the time of application. I will sometimes wait 30 minutes to an hour in between cleaning/BP or BP/moisturizer. This is only sometimes. But the Makeup Artist at Sephora told me BP stays on your skin for 3 days, so I didn't think it would be that huge of a deal. She also looked at me in horror when I said I use BP as she says it's horrible for your skin and Salicylic Acid or Sulfur would be better. :/ Should I just give up and go to a dermatologist? I've tried Retin-A in the past but that didn't get me significantly clear either. How about adding a acne face wash to the regimen? And ideas? I'm 32 years old and I hate looking like I'm going through puberty! Help.

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I admittedly still have acne, though I have only been on dkr for 2 months. If you go onto Dan's own pages, on stuff like what am I doing wrong and stuff like that, you will see that he says to follow it exactly. I would say that you go back to each individual step of the regimen and make each part better, such as being more gentle, or eliminating the time period inbetween. I also wouldn't alternate between moisturizers, as your skin probably gets used to one of them( haven't tried them, I use acne.org everything.) Best of luck!

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Harley, I've just turned 40 so I know what you're going through with suffering from acne at such an 'old' age.

LIke the above poster says, I would look at how you're applying the regimen and make sure you're following it exactly. Get rid of the lactic acid peel and strictly follow the regimen to a T for 2 months and see what happens. I"m completely clear from following the regimen, and I only started 'adjusting' it once I was completely clear for a month. I still havent added in any extra products, but I only apply BP once a day now.

So follow the regimen instructions exactly for 2 months and THEN if its not making you clear you can say the regimen doesnt work for you. Good luck.

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If you don't see results in 15 months, the regimen may just not work for you. I am 32 yr old guy, so i can relate to your situation. Having acne at this age blows... i have used BP for quite a long time, but tried quitting but acne comes back worse. I been using the regimen since march/april and finally clear of any new acne or breakouts for the last month or so. But I do agree, BP is pretty terrible for your skin. although my acne is totally under control and 100% clear with the use of BP, it also dramatically slows healing time for post acne marks/scars which i am dealing with now. So i am slowly switching to just trying to use BP once a day and transitioning to a more natural regimen. Morning I will still do the regimen, but use organic aloe vera moisturizer to moisture. Evening, I cleanse, by the way i use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for my face wash, now trying manuka honey 16+ leave it on for 30 min or so, then aloe vera for moisturizing. No BP in the evening. Hopefully diminishing my BP use to once daily will not cause my acne to return. Use of Manuka honey and aloe vera is more in attempt to help with post acne marks not acne itself. I hope once a day BP will be adequate enough to keep me clear.

As for you, i guess male and female may have different causes and effects with acne. Seems like your acne is hormone related, but 15 months is way to long on a regimen with no results. In terms of how precise you follow it, only you truly know. So either review the steps and make sure you follow it to the T and give it another 2 months or so... or DKR might not be or you. What i learned from past experience is that no matter method you try, you will always have to be patient and give it time before you can determine if something works or not. I also wouldn't constantly try new and different products while on a certain regimen. I only say this from making those mistakes in the past. Just stay consistent and patient. Hope this helps. Good luck

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