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Spiro Or Something Else?

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Hi everyone,

I am thinking of going on Spiro but I'm scared. I have super oily skin. I have to use those oil blotting sheets every hour or so, that is the only way I can keep the oil under control. I also have an oily scalp and have to wash my hair every day. I was hoping spiro would help get that under control but I am so nervous about all the terrible side effects I have read about.

I'm using 3% differin which I have been on for 4 years and acanya gel for the past few months. I am still breaking out and I have to believe it's all this oil that is doing it. I break out most days, but the worst breakouts are always during the PMS week which makes me believe it's hormonal.

I'm on BC (azurette) and don't really want to mess with that. I've been on other brands of BC with weird side effects like blurry vision and seeing spots which dr. said was caused by too much estrogen. Plus ortho tri-cyclen lo was giving me major mood swings so finally found one that works and don't want to switch.

Should I try the spiro or maybe something else? I heard zinc helps with oil too but I'm not sure if high doses of zinc are any safer than spiro.

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What other brands of BC have you been on and for how long?

It is really easy to generalize that "birth control doesn't help me" when you've only been on a few of the hundreds that exist. Basically you need to treat every BC as a completely different drug, not lump them all together. The amount of hormones in each one vary wildly and can have completely different results in your body.

If you are set on keeping Azurette, I would at least call your doctor and ask him/her if Azurette contains an androgenic progesterone. Many BCs contain a type of progesterone that will actually make acne worse in an acne-prone patient. If your doctor doesn't know what that means, maybe you should switch doctors tongue.png

Either way, you can take spiro along with any type of birth control. It is a very successful drug when used properly. From my experience, the more you weigh the higher a dose you need to take. I am 125lbs and this is what I did:

- First month, 50mg a day (25mg morning, 25mg night)

- Next 5 months, 100mg a day (50mg morning, 50mg night)

- After month 6, I am on a maintenance dose of 75mg

If you weigh significantly less, I would dose around 50-75mg. If you weigh significantly more, think of dosing 150-200mg.

Spiro requires a good deal of patience. My acne remained completley unchanged until month 3-4. But the nice thing is that I don't use any topicals of any sort. Since starting spiro I've just been washing my face with a simple cleanser once a day and applying moisturizer. No BP, no retinoids, no acids etc.

I see no reason at this point why spiro would not help you. I wish I had started it sooner.

I'm not sure why people seem so hesitant to start spiro, which is cheap and as far as drugs go, relatively mild. It pretty much just does one thing and side effects are rare. Meanwhile people are ready to jump on all sorts of BC with tons of hormones or Accutane which is so expensive and has so many side effects. It doesn't make sense.

So just try the spiro. Spiro is a "muting" drug so it mutes your androgens but doesn't permanently change them. This makes spiro completely reversible. If you don't like spiro, all you need to do is stop taking it, and your body goes back to the way it was.

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Spiro worked great for my super oily skin, but then it made my hair fall out so I had to stop taking it. It's still falling out a ton many months later. I think I'm in the monority though with this side effect.

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I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like there's no reason you shouldn't try it! Trying spiro is the best thing I've done for my skin. It really does help decrease oil by the way! I'm like you (super oily face/scalp) and I've noticed that I don't have to wash my face as much and I can now go more than 24 hours without washing my hair.

As for the terrible side effects - I'm just one person, but the only side effect I've noticed is slightly increased thirst within the first hour or two of taking it, and I'm on 100mg.

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