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Dht Or Dairy/ Gluten Intolerance (Help Please I'm Almost Clear In Time For School)

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Hello, I'm pretty excited since I am very close to finding my acne cure and i would love to start the new school year without being bullied :/

Alright, so I cut out all dairy and started drinking soy milk with my usual cereal. I cleared up over 2 days completely!

After I ran out of soy milk, I began eating foods with ketchup, (aka tomatoes) and a bunch of bread which "may contain milk" which broke me out so I was absolutely positive that Dairy and Tomatoes were my triggers, today I got some more Soy milk and ate it with my cereal all day (i adore cereal) and my face cleared up again (my 4 pimples dried up and fell off eww) now at 4 am i had some CHOCOLATE soy milk with cereal as well as some GARLIC BREAD. and i got like 3 little whiteheads already. (either the chocolate in the soy milk or the bread caused it, but i though it couldnt have been the bread since i was already eating gluten.. i was wrong, read on)

after just researching out of boredom i found out that soy may be able to inhibit testosterone production in girls i think.. (im a guy though?) so i was confused since i was positive my acne was caused by a food intolerance and not some dht problem since the experts here say that food intolerances are the trigger for acne (i might be mistaken)..

now what came as a shocker is that im pretty sure my cereal is actually gluten free!! so in fact the days that i cleared up i was eating gluten and dairy free!! so im pretty sure thats my trigger??

but what confuses me even more is if i eat a whole day of like just fruits i still break put, so is it in fact the DHT which is being inhibited by the soy? (if yes, can somebody explain the process of this? is the soy just like a bandaid for my acne but my body is still being damaged? since i dont just want to be acne free, but healthy too!!) so can some experts maybe help me out? i know this is probably confusing but if you dont get something just tell me and ill do my best to try and explain (it is 5 in the morning right now after all haha) oh and also, it cant be like the fructose and blood sugar spikes, since my *maybe* gluten free cereal contains added sugars..

so is there any way i can figure out what is actually causing my acne? i know how to stop the breakouts, but i also want to stop eating intolerant foods (if i have any?) so i can be healthy!

your help is VERY appreciated thank you so much!

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Well, according to many doctors and nutriotionists who ive been reading about, says that grains (wheat, bread) has alot to do with acne. Its not just the added sugar on your cereal that you should worry about, its the fact that cereals thats made of wheat, corn etc. are examples of bad carbohydrates. They dont digest well (too fast) in our bodies, so it increases our insulin levels (which causes hormonal imbalances for us acne suffers) and also causes a spike in blood sugar, This applies to potatoes, rise, fruits in high sugar and also all food with high glycemic index. I would suggest you to look at this a little more, and try it out. Ive also read bad things about soy milk, but i dont know much about them beacuse i dont drink it. Hope this helps a little!

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I'm aware of these facts although I am not very educated on it.

My confusion is coming from the fact that this highly processed food in combination with Soy milk dries up all my pimples and gets me completely clear in a matter of hours, so I now want to find out what my actual Acne trigger is.

Thanks a lot for the reply though :)

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You should go on some sort of elimination diet, or at least do a one by one of all the common triggers. First of all cut the gluten and dairy though. 30 days is a good test period, you'll be able to see a difference by then. Foods you eat can cause breakouts lasting even as long as two weeks.

I can only see soy being a "bandaid" for your acne is a psychological thing. More so I think it's because you're using the soy and not consuming dairy (which you've identified as most likely a trigger for you) that you're feeling it makes you clearer. The way corporations produce and grow soy is terrible. Generally speaking it's a filler crop, grown in the fields when there isn't enough nutrients to grow other plants. The way soy can affect us is bad too. It upsets my stomach personally, so I try to not to drink soy milk. I like almond milk a lot better.

I would suggest to cut gluten and dairy for 30 days, along with high sugar and high sodium foods. Also avoid fried foods and anything generally unhealthy.

My other question is how old are you?? Your acne sounds mild to me, if you can clear up within a couple of hours it sounds like mild, non-inflamed acne. Especially if you only have a handful of small pimples at once. If you're between the ages of 11 and 20 your acne is probably hormonal, and there's only so much diet can do. The teen body is changing all the time and hormonal fluctuations cause acne, there's absolutely nothing you can do to change that. I'm 21 and I sometimes get hormonal acne still, regardless that I follow one of the strictest acne diets I've read about, and have been for almost a year.

All you can do is cut obvious bad things (dairy, gluten, heavily processed foods, high sugar/salt foods), maintain a good topical regimen, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and try not to stress too much about it. Stress can cause breakouts too.

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Thank you so much for all of the advice! i will attempt to cut out gluten and i will definately try and find some almond milk (i haven't seen any in canada, and my original plan was getting almond milk, but soy milk has just been doing wonders for my skin, and remember, i've only started consuming soy a few days ago, while i've had quit dairy for about a month now, so for some reason soy consumption is helping my skin more than when i was just avoiding dairy. any idea why that could be??)

I'm 16 years old at the moment, and yes my acne has been calming down a lot since trying to eat healthier in general, although about a month ago I would still get Cystic acne. Right now my skin is being really weird and I'm just getting unfrequent breakouts every 2 days or so that range from small whiteheads to huge zits which can dry up over hours or take several days .since quitting dairy about a month ago i have not had any more cysts and i just got 2 more whiteheads from eating chicken breast, (isnt that one of the healthiest foods out there??) which are now drying up after sipping on some water for about an hour. at the moment my skin is just totally confusing me because i can change NOTHING or do something BETTER, and break out.. i dont understand it.

actually, since consuming a large loaf of garlic bread i have had an inflamed bump under my skin which is now coming to a head, so im quite positive blood sugar spikes, gluten and inflammation are definately a factor for me. i will just try to cut down on all these factors at once and slowly introduce them back until i know all my tiggers, i was just hoping there is a faster way :/ hahah! thankk you!

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Elimination diet but for how long. Cut down acne triggers cola, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, junk food etc. Increase your zinc and vitamin intake from vegetable juice, pumpkin seed oil etc. and do hardcore yoga headstand, shoulder stand etc.

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FYI...garlic bread has dairy. Which is probably why u noticed the immediate breakout. I am dairy free and it does wonders for my acne. Be sure to read all labels.

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