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How Long Until You Saw Results With The Aha+?

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I have only used it twice but it doesn't seem to help. It makes my red marks more red and makes my pores appear larger.

Everyone says that it smoothes out your skin and gives you a "glow" but I havent experienced that.

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What kind of results are you looking for?

For me, I have been using Neostrata gel plus AHA 15% for about a month now. I used it primarily for my whiteheads because this is a persistent problem for me. After using it for about a week, I see immediate results on the texture of my skin. It was super soft and the pores actually minimized a lot. About 2-3 weeks after using it, I no longer see a drastic change because I heard there's a drop out rate with AHA. It will stop peeling if it reached a certain level so it won't dry out your skin.

Anyways after 2-3 weeks of using it, I had an initial break out where I got clustered of TINY whiteheads here and there. Also, my blackheads were (still are) HUGE. I have never had huge blackheads like this for my entire life. It seems like they surfaced all at once. But I read other reviews that these are normal because it's the purging stage.

So right now, about a month of using it, I still have whiteheads and occasion pimples on my face here and there. I can't really tell you if it would clear your acne with my progress right now, if that's what you are aiming for. But in terms of skin texture, I would say give it a week.

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