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Solodyn And Ziana Progress

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Im on my 8th week on solodyn and ziana combo. Actually my 7th week because i had to skip a week because it took a full week for my refill to come in, between week 6 and week 7. Im on solodyn 80 mg and so far after 7 weeks and ziana topical for 8weeks I've seen no progress. If anything it has made my pores around me nose/cheek area larger. My acne before was mild but the worst part was that i had several pustules on both cheeks. Now my acne seems worse sad.png I think i have a a lot of blocked pores, idk why because i cleanse face twice a day and drink 64 oz of water a day. My face seems more oily than before. Last year around the same time i had pimples not much as far as acne I have a follow up in a month and if i don't see progress on my skin i think my derm will prescribe me accutane. I miss having somewhat clear skin sad.png. I'm starting to develop BDD and I'm male sad.png. Im aware this is a part of puberty and my acne is hereditary.. but i hate it.

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I've never had any luck with Solodyn. You might need to switch to a little more potent antibiotic like Doryx or Bactrim. Also, Ziana usually helps when used for a couple of months, but since it's been 8 weeks and you haven't noticed an improvement, you might also need to switch to a stronger retinoid such as Retin-A or Differin .3%. The antibiotic component of Ziana isn't very important in your case since you're on an oral antibiotic already. So I would definitely talk to your derm about switching to a stronger antibiotic and a stronger topical retinoid. Also remember that every time you start or switch your antibiotic or topical retinoid, it will take a couple of months to see results.

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