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I had shallow scars for about two years now. When I was first treated for acne scars(it was only red marks at first), I got a chemical peel maybe once ever two months and for a little while my skin was beautiful. But sometime between that I started breaking out again and once it cleared up I noticed very shallow holes in the skin. I asked my dermatologist and he said they were permanent unless I wanted to go for a laser or something which he didn't do. So we waited awhile, we really didn't have the money for anything like that. I would break out again every now and then but the scars kept getting worse and worse. Then I went to a dermatologist who told me he could treat them and put me on birth control because he said we had to get me to stop breaking out. The birth control made me break out in cystic boils for about three months and I looked terrible. They are finally gone but now there's redness left behind and the scars are terrible. The last time I went to the dermatologist I asked if there was something he could do about the scars and he told me he doesn't treat those, I 'd have to go to a plastic surgeon. Even though in the beginning he told me he would treat the scars.

Before i went to the plastic surgeon i was seeing an esthetician who i was getting microdermabrasion treatments from. The one I went to first said that it would help my skin. I went in one day and she wasn't there, instead the other esthetician who also works for a plastic surgeon. She told me my skin had chunks missing out of it and there were places where there was no skin, just scar tissue. She also said my face was red and the redness was coming from the skin being traumatized though I have no idea how this could of happened. When I had acne, I had large cystic boyles but I didn't pick at them or anything, they just left scars.

I need help with my scars. I at first didn't think they were that bad and could easily be removed, but after getting a consultation from a plastic surgeon he told me i had ice pick scars and then scars where chunks of skin were missing and all they are is scar tissue. it kind of really made me upset and he recommended lasers which were very expensive and require a lot of downtime and he said that they may only give a tiny but of improvement or dermabrasion. I'm scared to do anything, I'm still in school and I don't want to waste any more money. And he said nothing can fix the chunks of skin missing I would just have to deal with it

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I'm sorry this has happened to you paradise. For the ice picks, i think one of the most popular treatments is tca cross. I've never had the procedure done but I don't believe it is a particularly expensive treatment.

I don't know what to recommend for your additional scarring as chunks is too general of a term. I'll assume you have some deep boxscars though. Unfortunately, the only treatments that seem to help deep scarring like this are aggressive ablative treatments like fractional co2 or dermabrasion. Perhaps, skin grafts or excision as well may be options.

I would definitely get a second opinion from another plastic surgeon as well. You'd be surprised where one person provides a hopeless situation another may provide a more optimistic outcome.

Generally speaking though, there is no quick cure for deep acne scarring. I don't want to discourage you but it will probably be an expensive, tedious journey that will take many months to many years to correct.

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