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Doxycycline Log

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Hello everyone, ive decided to keep a log on my regimen that includes doxycycline

First of all, I am a long time severe acne sufferer. Ive had acne since i started high school and im going to be a 3rd year in college next month. Ive tried everything and the only thing that has worked for me was the wai diet along with a 3 step facial system. the facial products i use come from an acne clinic in san diego, ca, USA. i use their facial cleanser 2x a day, benzoclear 10 (benzo 10%) 2x a day, their day 25 cream in the morning and their night cream at night. i also will use their exfoliating cleanser a couple times a week. ive been on these products for over a year. from Jan 2012 to june 2012 i was on the wai diet 90%. by that i mean i was strict on it during the week, and on the weekends i would eat a meal or two of junk food. This kept my face about 85%-95% clear. Then summer came , i moved back home and ate crap so i had to mix things up. I tried coconut oil, it broke he out so badly, huge cysts, then i moved to milk of magnesium anda sulfur soap. Last month my skin was really bad and i figured i was using too many products and eating crappy so i decided to make a change.

for the last month and a half i have been taking a probiotic every day, colostrum 2x day and eating very healthy, like salmon/turkey burgers every other day, lots of fruits and vegetables, homeade sauerkraut. today i actaully bought psyllium fiber from walgreens, i will be adding that to my diet because i heard it helps alot. I plan on using this whenever i eat crappy foods or anything remotely unhealthy. I heard it absorbs nutrients so i wouldnt be taking it when i eat my salads and fruits... i also take a vegan protein powder that has 5g of L-glutamine in it. Im hoping that the colostrum and L-glutamine heal my gut. im not sure if i have leaky gut syndrome because i didnt have the time to see if this diet alone would help my acne.

Now to doxycycline. I started taking 75mg 2x day since august 21. I read about how it could make you naseauted so i started eating it with a small meal. That meal was a banana mashed with EVOO and 3 egg yolks, (without the sac). a few days ago, about 1 week into this on the 27, i started to take doxy on a empty stomach. i read somewhere how food could inhibit it so i didnt eat 2 hours before or after. i just drank with a large glass of water and i didnt feel naseauted. well during the past week and a half my skin definitely had an initial breakout. i had pimples and bumps on my forehead, placed i would never get them. also i broke out with tons of whiteheads around my jawline and chin area, as in 10-15 a day!. some would pop when i washed my face and i would pop some myself, but they would come back by morning. In addition to the regimen i said earlier i also have been using concha nacar de perlop #3 on my face for an hour every night for a week now. im hoping that by the time the doxy kicks in, my scars will start to fade because of this cream. ive read tons of great reviews about this cream to fade scars. i do put lemon juice on my face before the cream, let it dry and then apply the cream. Next week i also plan on starting the KAVI salicyclic acid peel, 15%. That also has great reviews on this website and im hoping it helps with my scars, along with any redness/cycsts... i want to use it once per week.

i will keep you all updated on my progess and will upload pictures tomorrow so you can see how bad my face is.

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okay so today i took a step backwards in my diet, i had a chocolate bar and a couple of doughnuts, but 10 min before i took a tablespoon of the psyllium husk fiber, so i am hoping that it curbed my insulin spike. if i get a surge of pimples or redness by tomorrow i will know it was this craving.

ive noticed that the cysts on my forehead are a little smaller today than they were yesterday, also something else ive notcied is that i am getting less puss filled pimples/whiteheads and more solid filled whiteheads. these whiteheads are alot smaller than in diameter. im starting to see more of my scars as the cysts and pimples slowly get smaller. im not sure though if this is because of the doxy or the lemon juice i put on. i promise tomorrow i will upload those pictures so you can see my face.

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alright so today my skin is looking better. there is defnitely a reduction in pimples on my chin, by alot. right now there are only 2 pimples on my face, but still bumps and redness. my cysts have seem to gone down a little.

just some info on when i take my supplement: i have to wait to eat 2 hours before and after taking doxy. i have to wait 2 hours before and 30 min after i take my colostrum. i have to wait 2 hours before and after taking my psyllium fiber, unless i WANT it to absorb any toxins or junk food i eat,, which in case ill take it 15 min before i eat.

so as of now i take doxy once i wake up, wait 2 hours, take colostrum, wait 30 min, then eat. throughout the day, ill have my probiotic with one meal, ground flaxseed/organic coconut oil shots with other meals. around 5:00 ill stop eating, take my doxy at 7:00, wait 2 hours then take colostrum around 9:00, then eat dinner around 9:30. because of this im trying to take my psyllium fiber every couple days just because id have to factor in another 4 hours period of not eating neutral.gif

i will also be using this indian healing clay, 100% natural calbium bentonite clay on my face once or twice a week to help get those toxins out. ive tried this before and i know it helps. im hoping it speeds up the doxy initial breakout

the kavi salicylic acid 15% was just ordered so i should have that soon. ill post again tonight with those pictures, i promise!

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here are the pictures. as bad as it looks, it was worse before, the most improvement as i said earlier has been on my chin with the number of pimples.




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alright 2 week update:

so currently my skin has 4 pimples that have come to surface and are filled with pus, there are still many bumps and overall redness. I say that my skin is slightly worse than before i started doxy, but not by much. With that being said, there has been much improvement over that last week from how my face was during my initial breakout and today.

more and more scars are showing up as the bumps are redness are starting to shrink.

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Im definitely seeing some slight progress on my cheeks and chin for sure, the amount of pimples have significantly reduced to like 3-4 small ones if that. My scars are definitely beginning to show up, and there are stil a few cysts.

Now on my forehead i have around 4-5 pimples/bumps with quite some redness right around the head of those things. but other than that, my forhead is clear. ive never had a problem with my forehead and ive never picked pimples on my forehead so those 4-5 blemishes are all. I will try to spot treat those.

Now the last part is my chin. The number of pimples have gone down, but there is still redness and a few cysts. By far my jawline is the most sensitive, i can feel pressure at night when i lay my face on my pillow. I will also try to spot treat those.

Overall, my skin looks like it is heading in the right direction, the doxy seems to slowly be taking effect, but then again, for the past week and a half, my diet has been flawless, with the exception of a few small meals/snacks. im sure that has a little bit to do with my skin.

I will post pictures on tuesday, and make it a weekly thing so you all can see my progress.

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