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I Haven't Looked Into The Mirror In Two Years - Legit

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In my Sophomore year of High School i started to break out with these huge nasty pimples that would swell and swell and swell... I just poked and popped them all day long, and I started to scar from it. It would depress me so much, that I eventually stopped looking into the mirror. I had (and obviously still have) incredibly bad vision, and I only wore my glasses during class at this point in my life... I eventually found a product (tazorac) that worked for me, and it really cleared my skin. Although I really wasn't getting any new breakouts, I still had nasty scars on my face and I just stopped looking into the mirror completely.

Now I have graduated high school, and I still don't know what my skin looks like. I started wearing my glasses full time ( I finally realized that putting my glasses on only to read the board and drive as pretty stupid) a month or two ago, but I still haven't taken a direct look at myself. It was been two years and I haven't seen my face. Part of me thinks that even writing this is stupid, I should just walk into my bathroom and take a nice look into the mirror, but another part of me is terrified. Over the past couple of days I have been looking pictures of myself from the past two years that people have posted on FaceBook, but I am still afraid.

My Sophomore pictures:


vfc9zq.jpgPictures of my at the beach last year:


A few months ago


My face is red because of the medication is Tazorac, because it's a true retinoid.

Yes I know I have my tongue out in all of these, I have no clue why it's out. I am retarded, I know.

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Your skin looks beautiful in the second picture. And the redness is barely noticeable in the third.

There's no reason for you to avoid mirrors. Your skin is fine!

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