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I have had light acne since I was a teenager and it comes and goes. I usually break out at that time of the month but it takes another month for those ones to go away only to get more as soon as they are gone! Usually this will be on the chin. The only cleansers I have used that will actually get rid of them are strong and as I have sensitive skin it leaves my skin red and dry and bumpy. My question is whether with continueous use my skin will get used to it and stop the dryness or if I just shouldn't be using these products at all. I used neutrogena oil free acne wash. I used it 3 times and my skin was dry and red but I was able to cover with makeup. I didn't use it last night or this morning. My pimples are drastically reduced already which is why I'm so keen to use it. I realize dryness is a common problem with strong cleansers but I couldn't seem to find any other solution besides "just take a break from it". Does anyone have some advice for me?

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To be honest, everyones different, even with sensitive skin. My case i realised that there was a fair bit of my acne caused by stuff like clearisil. It was drying for one (which never went away) and the 'parfum' made things very red. I switched to a cleanser called 'miessence' the blemish prone, or dry skin one. It suits my skin perfectly, but it's stupidly expensive (£28 per bottle). I'm always on the lookout for something cheaper but no luck.

At the end of the day it's up to you, if your dryness is really bad to the point where not only was your skin flaking and tight, but feels cracked and stings really bad even after washing, which is what happened to me with clearisil, then i would stop. As your skin will be damaged more long run. If it's not that bad, then i'd definitely look out for a moisturiser to put on after, to balance your skin.

I personally use a cleanser not really for acne fighting, but i skin doesn't react, but follow it up with quinoderm 5%- as it's not overly drying like for example 'panoxyl' and the with a neem moisturiser from junglesale. And it works a treat. To note i only use quinoderm at night, the other two morning and night.

Also i'm in London, so if your not from UK then the product available to you may be different from mine.

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