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Someone Please Help me!!

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I went to get my deep checmical peel today and they told me that I need to change my diet inorder for my acne to imporve. The problem is I live with my dad and he doesn't cook. I eat fast food everyday. my question is what is the best and most heatly food for me that I can get from a resturant? I know a few like Sub-Way and chicken salads, but are there anything else?

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try not to eat at restaraunts. If your dad doesn't cook, then cook yourself! You don't even need to cook; I make myself sandwiches with various vegetables and sliced turkey and it takes like 10 minutes. I do it between classes. Start off eating only raw vegetables and turkey and after a few weeks bring in other foods to see how your skin reacts. Restaraunt food is terrible. If you eat at Subway, don't get the bread, get the wrap. No mayo; a little cheese is ok, but try to avoid dairy.

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Evo- teplo is right, you can do it yourself. I live with my brother, so noone is around to cook but me. Basically all i do i buy the veggies i can eat from the grocery store (i like asparagus, zuchini, brussel sprouts, oinions, and lima beans) and i will stir fry them in virgin olive oil and sea salt, may not sound good, but it actually is quite tasty, and honestly it takes no time. For me i just had to figure out what i COULD eat, an then it was easy. Also i buy alot of raw spinach, an eat alot of salads. Another good investment i think is a small george foreman grill. And i buy those prepackaged marinated skinless chicken breasts, they are awesome, an take no time to fix on the little grill. For snacks, low glycemic fruits are great. I buy red delcious apples in bulk LOL.. also almond butter is delicious too, on gluten free bread. if you need anymore advice let me know smile.gif

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and also, I eat at restaurants fairly often, so it CAN be done. I LOVE the new salads from burger king, they rock. Get the 'garden chicken' salad, and use their vinegarrette dressing. I always take the cheese off. At other places i usually stick to salads with non dairy dressing (italian or vinegarrette) and have the cheese taken off. and most places have grilled chicken breasts you can get with it. so it can be done smile.gif

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i've always liked subway more than other places and it's the only time that i eat outside maybe once every 2 weeks but i think even that gives me a few breakouts.

i did get swiss cheese with it tho so dont know but their food is absoutely deliciosu.

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh..... chicken teriyaki or steak!!!!!! I'm hungry!

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