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accutane -oily skin

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after taking 2 pills of accutange 40mg how come i still get really oily skin? i used to get oily skin all the time but isnt accutane suppose to stop oil production or something?

any help will be greatly appreciated

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dude, 2 pills? you probably sweated that out...lol...nothing happens after 2 pills, give it time... I took 3 pills so far and nothing is happening, be patient, the treatment takes from around 6 months...dont stress it, just take your pills and things will come, I got really oily skin as well...

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Guest agentx

word of advice from the pro`s smile.gif dont even BEGIN to THINK to THINK about judging accutane before ATLEAST 3.5 months into the treatment. Trust me this is probably the most important thing. Most ppl are scared off easily from the initial breakout. and yea another thing, u can have the initial breakout anytime after the first day so be ready.

wishin all of u good luck..

Agent ] x [

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ya ihaving a breakout rite now after 2nd pill but i aint worry just hoping and looking forward to the clear skin at the end

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