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Been on the Regimen for like 4-5 years now, and while I get the occasional pimple here and there I've been about 99% clear for the most part.

Fast forward to June of this year. I went to Vegas with a couple of my buddies, and upon returning I started to get pimples here and there. I thought it was because I switched my shaving cream (turned out to not be the case), then I thought it was a preworkout supplement I was taking (again, not the case).

The funny thing is that I'm not getting pimples like I used to. Before I would get whiteheads. Now I'm getting hard, red bumps that never come to a head. If I leave them alone, they don't go anywhere, and if I try to pop them they just get worse. It's like a lose lose situation here. Granted I'm getting one every week to two weeks, but once you've been clear for a while it's extremely annoying.

The heat here in New York has been ridiculous this year, and I find that I'm always sweating. I've never washed my face with anything except water, because my skin dries out easily. Could the extreme heat here (for NY standards) be the cause of my acne all of a sudden?

On a side note, I'm considering popping this pimple on my chin with a needle. I don't plan on squeezing it or anything, I just want the acne medication to actually be able to do its job, but it can't if it can't get to the infection. It's like one giant clogged pore that has a hard spot in the middle. How many damage can a little prick with a sterilized needle do, especially if I don't squeeze it?

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From experience i am telling you NEVER EVER EVER pop an underground pimple. You'll scar and you'll scar bad. What's worse is that you may infect the surrounding tissue and make it 10 times as worse.....leave it alone. Anything can cause your acne to change, your body, hormones, the weather.....who knows. If this is something recent, watch and wait, then maybe you want to adjust your regimen accordingly - maybe try something prescription strength.

But remember, no popping.....you'll save yourself stress.

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Oh yeah - your skin changes and it happens so gradually that you may not even notice scarring till you have it - thats what happened to me over a period of time and now i have marks that just won't quit so now i have acne AND marks.....good times!

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