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regimen in the morning?

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I was wondering if its really neccessary to do the regimen in the morning? i know it might give optimal results if u do it in the morning and at night but would it still give good results if I did just at night? I dont like the feeling of having to worry during the day if my face is looking all flaking and smudged so i prefer just to do it at night. I would rather just cleanse and moisterize in the morning and then at night do the whole regimen.

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Guest Captain Chaos

I'd say do it in the morning, otherwise after you shower there is no BP on your face all day, which lets bacteria breed all day long...

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Im trying to avoid using it in the day time though because i dont like how it leaves my face , all flaky and the white cream thing. I think im just gonna do it at night.

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You're not going to get good results at all. Just use less BP in the morning, and slowly vamp it up over 4 weeks or so. I use BP both morning and night and the flakiness really isnt a problem. Plus, if i do get flakes, its usually when i wake up from applying the night before. There really is no good reason to not use BP in the morning. My advise: use a little BP in morning too, moisurize a lot if you are paranoid about flakes.

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