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Does Anyone On This Board Have Pcos (Also Tips For Insulin Resistance? )

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Curious if anyone on this board is dealing with PCOS?

also wondering what some tips may be for those who are insulin resistant? I've had a search around so know the basics but just curious if there are any extra tips for those wanting to help any insulin issues

thankyou :)

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I supposedly have PCOS, i say supposedly because I've never been diagnosed really. The Dr seems to think to have it since I break out,have minor facial hair and belly weight ( where it mostly goes) Over a yr ago i was told i was insulin resistant and this yr when I went to the Dr, they said I wasn't, huh?? I don't know, haven't really changed my eating habits or anything. Low carb diet, no fat, processed foods, which i'm sure you know. Careful with high sugar fruit intake. Natural fresh squeezed fruit juices are good, but add some water to minimize the sugar content. Try sticking to mainly berries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc. Apple cider vinegar (ingesting it) can help alkalize your blood, that throws off the PH balance in your body. As your blood becomes acidic it can set the stage for illnesses. It has also been reported to help with weight loss, and reduce sugar cravings and sugar blood levels. Cinnamon has also been reported in helping with sugar levels as well. They key to turning your insulin resistance around is by drastically changing your eating habits and exercising regularly. This will have a huge effect on your PCOS/Insulin resistance. I know everyone say's PCOS cannot be cured, but i am a strong believer that if you make that drastic change and take care of your body, it can be reversed. IMO. Good luck

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I do. I was diagnosed with it at 18 (they suspected it first when I was 13, but I couldn't get all of the scans etc that needed to be done back then). I get the mood swings, testosterone spikes, fast growing hair, ovarian cysts, acne and incredibly painful and irratic periods.

I take evening primrose oil and agnus castus every day in pill form and drink 2-4 cups of green tea a day. This combination has evened out my moods, lowered the severity and occurunce of hormones spikes, cleared up my cysts and reduced the pain and randomness of my periods. The hair growth remains unchanged no matter what I do and whilst the green tea does help a lot with my skin it hasn't stopped my hormonal acne.

I don't think I have the insulin resistance side of PCOS. I'm very slim (being underweight is more of a concern than over weight) and although I do crave and consume carbs a lot it doesn't seem to affect my health or weight any at all (or my acne, which comes and goes with my cycle and takes no notice of my dietry habits). However, having said that green tea is also supposed to be very good for people with insulin resistance - just Google it.

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