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Breakout On Legs....?

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Well, it was acnes goal from the start to parade my body, and its accomplished its goal. Its attacked me pretty much everywhere on my body leaving horrible marks and scars, why wont it end?..I've noticed this, and its so weird: First it attacked my face, then it attack my neck, then my chest and back, then my butt, thats when I thought it wouldn't go no futher, but boy was I wrong. It then proceeded to attack near my groin area somewhat, and now its starting on my legs. See how weird that cycle is? Its like its being controlled in someway.

Does someone have any explaination for why my legs are breaking out with acne? I know acne can attack anywhere, but damn, its done enough to me already, I guess its just gonna stop when its satisfied with scaring and marking up my body. *sigh*

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I too have been breaking out in my inner thigh area. Its wierd. Its like a bunch on ingrown hairs like 20 on each thigh. Starting to drive me crazy, as if my face wasnt bad enough

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same!! even i hav acne evrywhere! bt my face and neck cleared after i stopped dairy.. but bacne n leg acne is still there.. :(

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Matt it's unusual for acne to occur on legs, stomach etc so you may have to start looking into the possibility that your diet might be affecting you more than you think.

As Murph mentioned, you might have issues with:





all of the above

What are you doing so far for your acne?

Skin Care and Diet wise.

If you tell us maybe we can offer some solutions

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