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Talk about the influence of Sex on Acne!!

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self improvement is masturbation..... eusa_doh.gif oops sorry t.

whats with all you addicts to the taco saying that sex is an acne cure??? nothing whatsoever happens to me, so im clueless as to where you kids get this from....

ragin hormones not not equal less zits.....

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okay. if i masturbate i get acne... and if i get acne, i don't sleep. but i need to masturbate to sleep... AHHH!! THE VICIOUS CYCLE!!!

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Guest >:(

I find that when I have sex with women who have VD acne becomes less important to me. eusa_doh.gif

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VD?? HHAHAHAHAHA this is unfortunate. unfortunate is what this is...

and yes E lol im so subtle aren't i????


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I DO NOT MASTERBATE! i get ass when i feel horny. wink.gif

but, two people were defn. fucking in the hallway of the bulding next door, in full view, when i was having a cigarette out the window. ew.

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