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Used to treat both raised and depressed acne scars, cryosurgery freezes the

upper skin layers. This causes blistering which can sometimes cause scars to

diminish in size.

This is a quote from a Plastic Surgeon's website in the Kitchener, ON Canada area. I know this is used for warts but does it sound like a viable option for acne scars? Whoops sorry, your nose just fell off, we'll have to glue that back on biggrin.gif

When I here of cryo that's what I think! I guess the key words in that sentence are "can sometimes cause scars to diminish in size".

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Well Old Guy there are a lot of Minnonites in the area so there will effectively be a great deal of horse hockey, as you put it!! wink.gif

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You are hillarious my friend! Seriously though biggrin.gif I suppose if your skin is blistering and peeling nobody will notice your scars. Hypothetically it stands to reason that your scars won't be noticeable when people run screaming in the opposite direction. I've seen the results of some of those Lactic Acid or TCA peels.


To everyone I just offended. I am joking lol.gif

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I actually had this done once. It did squat. However, the Dr. didn't produce any irritation. I think he was being conservative, because it can cause further scarring. Maybe if he had been more aggressive, I sometimes wonder.

It is a popular and old procedure. It is used for raised scars usually-I have never heard it being used for atrophic.

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Many years ago I had a derm that used to freeze my face with something I assume was liquid nitrogen. The result? It broke me out and didn't help the acne. I heard that they also used it on Walt Disney's head. Then again, I hear a lot of things.

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You might be referring to dry ice? My dermatologist's aesthetician uses it on my face after she does a Glycolic Peel. That's kinda creepy my friend. I think you should stop reading supermarket tabloids. They'll give you nightmares! eusa_snooty.gif

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Don't worry. Cryosurgery is Liquid Nitrogen but Old Guy said the derm. froze his face. He didn't say specifically how it was done. No worries. confused.gif

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