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Ok, so some background:

I've had acne since I was in about 8-9 grade (I am now in 11). I now have moderate-severe acne. Tried SA (didn't work and sometimes dried my skin), BP (worked a little, but not worth the dryness, Epiduo (worked a little, not worth dryness), Baking Soda (didn't work, dried me out)

I just quit the Epiduo a few weeks ago after two months of trying. It was painful, dried me out, and wasn't worth the minimal results I saw. Coincidentally, around the time I quit Epiduo I was trying to quit my coffee addiction and slowly replaced it with black tea, then green tea. About two weeks into the green tea only routine, I noticed my skin clearing up. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence, so I did a quick google search and learned about green tea's anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial/androgen regulating properties. Then I searched this site for reviews and was surprised by how many other people had used it an it worked. I decided to start using it topically.

Current Routine:


Brew & drink 2 cups tea

Wash face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser

Apply bags to face and let dry

Apply sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup


Drink 2 cups tea after lunch, saving the last sip or two in a tiny jar I keep in my bathroom

Before Bed

Wash face

Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice into leftover tea and apply as toner


So far this has cleared my acne tremendously (2 weeks of taking it internally only, 1 applying it externally & internally). Now I only have 1 cyst, 2 under-the-skin spots, 2 teeny tiny pimples that are more like bumps than pimples, and two zits that were big and just wouldn't go away, but finally seem like they're about to disappear.

I've been thinking of adding tea tree oil to the nightly routine, but worried it may be too drying. Also interested in urine therapy, but too chicken to try it. Maybe if this routine doesn't end up working out

I'm a vegetarian and have been interested in going vegan if it weren't for my addiction to cheese. So far I've been cutting out eggs and any product with milk other than cheese or yogurt. Those two are gonna hurt to give up.

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I'm happy to hear you found some relief. Cheese is so hard to give up. I personally had to give up all sugar and dairy to see changes in my acne. Good luck!

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I've started drinking loose leaf green tea that I purchased from a local coffee & roasting shop, so hopefully I'll see better results. I broke out in three pimples last night, but that was probably because I was lazy and slept in makeup. The spots are tiny and look more like the acne I get from makeup/dirt than the hormonal kind. On the bright side, my back acne is much clearer! I only have three small pimples there along with some whiteheads. The acne on my back wasn't that bad to begin with though. It was on the lighter side of moderate. I was just surprised because I've been sweating a lot lately and haven't been applying the green tea topically back there.

I'm happy to hear you found some relief. Cheese is so hard to give up. I personally had to give up all sugar and dairy to see changes in my acne. Good luck!

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So far so good; breakout is almost gone. I think I'm going to try washing my face with Ketoconazole shampoo that I use to treat my psoriasis when it's fairly mild... I've noticed that the pimples around my hairline go away when I use it. It's worth a shot and it is an anti-androgen. The only thing I'm worried about is irritating my skin, but it doesn't have any sulfates or harsh ingredients, and there aren't any comedogenic ingredients either. It's a 2% bottle that I have a prescription for.

Also stopped adding lemon to my toner because I heard it increases your absorption of the fluoride and aluminum in tea leaves. Maybe I'll add ACV instead because it tends to have the same effect on my acne as lemon juice. I've also been thinking of using white tea rather than green tea. It has similar properties, but more of the good stuff because it's less oxidized. It also absorbs less aluminum and fluoride from the ground because the leaves are picked at a younger age.

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