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Well im not =) but the person who wrote this is, in my search for natural remedies to cure things namely you know what! iv'e been drawn to Colloidal Silver and BENTONITE. Just read the post, do searches on the internet on the above 2 ingrediants and you might become as drawn into this as i am. Both KILL ALL bacteria in some cases, dextox the body and leave you fealing great if what i read is correct =) .. ok heres the post.. HS = herpes simplex i think, she suffers acne too..

Yeah... i know this sounds corny... so i'll start from the beginning:

I'm 38 years old and have suffered from HS in a moderate stage 3 for ~15 years. It appears in my groin mostly where i had several never-healing, continuously oozing knots of scars. The disease had been very persistant since my pregnancy, affected by monthly hormonal fluctuations and stress mostly.

I've always advocated healthy nutrition, don't drink sodas, try to avoid trans-fatty acids (french fries, chips, ...) and have quit smoking about 2 years ago. But i have my vices... ice-cream, chocolate, pasta (although i'd restricted carb-intake lately), lots of coffee, artisian breads and butter , lunch meats, ...

I'm slightly overweight, but since i'm very tall people don't tend to notice much (i do, believe me!).

I believe that with this moderately healthy dietary approach i have been able to keep my HS contained locally and controlled from escalation. (i also never had surgery, which i believe can trigger outbreaks in other areas). Yet still, it's never healing, and persistantly THERE, always aware, always using bandages and shields to protect clothing, sometimes limping and waddeling.

A recent hormonal episode has left my face blooming with acne. Very embarrassing for a 38-year-old woman... Nothing i tried (tea tree, Retin A, etc. etc.) helped, on the contrary....

So (to come to my point), i decided to detox for a while and see if that wouldn't help my acne. I got myself a colon-cleansing supplement (many available), some bentonite clay, flax meal, and mixed my own detox tea from herbs.

I quit: coffee, sugar, white flour, dairy.

I eat: raw where possible, muesli cereal for breakfast (w/ soy milk), fruits, salad for lunch, nuts, and a regular dinner (cause hubby cooks).

I drink: lots of water, herb- and green teas, as well as my detox tea

I take: Vitamin C, calcium, a serving of bentonite clay (detoxifies the colon) and flax meal (omega-6 and colon-scrubber), colon supplement (to get up to 3 BMs a day), black walnut extract (gets rid of parasites)

I do: bentonite clay packs once a week on affected areas (locked in my room and hoping there won't be an earth quake). Whole body dry brushes every now and then. Wish i did more exercise, but i don't do much currently.

I've been doing this for 4 weeks now, and I am planning to end my detox period with a week-long fast. it's said that fasting is easier if the worst toxins are already gone, and one has a "clean" colon.

Mind you, this is not a very rigorous plan, it could be much worse (enemas, colonics, and not these kinds of dinners...). I'm not religious about it, and i'm not here to preach - just wanted to try this out. But i will tell you this:

My HS is GONE. Completely dried up. The scars left are shriveling away, not nearly as noticable as before when they were inflamed and oozing. No more bandages, no more worries about clothes or pain. GONE!

My face has completely cleared up as well.

I feel clearer mentally, and experience creative inspiration.

I never thought this possible. I can't emphasise enough - no matter WHAT i tried and did (everything!) had this kind of effect on my disease!

I know there are other people who have had tremendous success with raw food diets and fasts. I would love to hear more success stories, and a description of what people do; what you've changed in your diets and habits that has helped...

Please post here. I will - of course - keep you posted as well on my progress and status.



Scientifix aproach to CS and bentonite can be found here..


Tests against bacteria using silver at this link


Normal users like us using this and reporting their findings at


Here is a snippet,

Via its many properties, a high quality green clay can eliminate an infection in the body about 600 times faster than colloidal silver ( when used externally ). Used with understanding, it can speed tissue healing by over 60% in even the most serious wounds imaginable. However, its method of action is different than colloidal silver.

Extreme amounts of clay used in a bath have been known to help the body detox from severe heavy metal poisoning ( one can tell, because if it works, the clay turns black ).

U.S. Army studies show that bentonite may be a successful treatment for exposure to chemical warfare. One Army emergency livestock protocol calls for immediate adminstration of bentonite internally to counter effects of radiation poisoning in livestock ( food sources ).

In fact, bentonite was the choice substance dumped by the ton on top of the Chernobyl nuclear plant after its untimely demise.

The natural green clays were the prime ingredient in them embalming process of the ancient Egyptians. Cleoptra's fine skin condition was most likely due to secret blends of fine clays and exotic oils.

Used internally, bentonite is one of the most powerful detoxifying agents in nature. It neutralizes acids in the stomach almost immediately upon ingestion. It detoxifies the intestinal tracts. It acts directly upon the liver, slowly restoring it to full function with a proper diet. Although it is considered an inert substance, through long term use microscopic particles of clay ARE eventually accepted into the liver, and delivered into the bloodstream, where it fixes free oxygen, elminating free radicals.

When used immediately in severe trauma situations ( externally ), clay packs significantly reduce tissue damage associated with swelling.

I'll never forget the first story I ever heard on clay healing. In fact, the individual in question received a "most valueable citizen" town award for the incident.

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I'll take no abuse replies means people may be interested smile.gif..

Got this from curezone,

Hi...I have been plagued with acne for 30 years and have tried EVERYTHING. All the drugs given by doctors and every conceivable over the counter medication. I have also been doing the liver cleanses and some fasting which I think improves the over all health and does help also but. I recently have been using coildal silver on my face and am getting some relief. It is a different brand of silver with extremely small particles and it is working great. Almost makes me cry for all the time I wasted not using this product directly on my face. Even black heads are diminishing and the skin seems to be much softer with no side effects of dryness, peeling or any redness. I am delighted and happy to have tried this ...Because I have tried so many things that have not worked, I am surprised when I get results that are positive. I must have had an underlying infection I never suspected on or in my skin. Praise the Lord for someone telling me to do this. It has only been a week and the results are very noticeable. I really have hope now after so many failed attempts of making an improvement in my appearance and confidence.

Clearing up and happy


"My oldest daughter who has really bad acne is clearing up much better and faster than anything the doctor has ever done for her, so is little sister. (middle sis doesn't have it). They both are taking a tablespoon twice a day and soaking a makeup pad with CS and soaking/swabbing their faces twice a day. Big Sis was noticeably less inflamed on her face within 8 hrs. It's getting better every day."


Colloidal Silver CAT testimony


My cat called Tiggy had lost alot of his hair from the inside of his body especially the legs. He was taken to the vet the once and he claimed that Tiggy was Stressed (NONSENSE). I read a few places how cats with allergies suffer hair lose and how Leaukemia can cause this also.

I have proceeded to adminster 5 pipets of 5-10ppm Colloidal Silver almost every day for just over a week now. I noticed he seemed more alert and like his younger self. I also noticed his coat seemed to get more like when he was younger as hes almost 8 years now. Today I actually looked at his legs and was amazed as most of the hair has grown back already. I will be trying to keep him on Colloidal Silver as much as possible with a few little breaks. He will be on this now for a couple of months at least so I know a hell of a lot of his Viral loads will be deminished.

Thankyou and take care of that pussy as they are your buddies! Forget killa vets unless your pet needs serious surgery (only IF).

(ok thats not acne but a cool story smile.gif )

I managed to cure my acne after suffering with moderate acne for 4 years. I tried everything from Proactive, retin-a, tetracycline (which worked for a short time, but just messed up my liver in the long run because my acne came back worse than ever after I stopped), to spending hundreds on microdermabrasion and colon therapy; all these only worked temporarily.

Finally I started taking advice from what I learned (mostly on curezone) and have cleared my skin. Since I did a combination of things all at once I’m not really certain which had the most effect, I think they were all important in helping to clear my skin.

Things I did:

1. Vitamin B5- It caused a really terrible initial breakout and took a good 6 months to clear me up but after that my skin was 80% better.

2. Never drinking soda- if I drink any soda, especially dark cola I will breakout right away.

3. Colloidal Silver- I just recently started this about 2 months ago and it took me from 80% clear to 95% clear skin. I make my own and drink about 1 oz. a day and spray on my face 2x a day after washing my face. (warning- this also gave me an initial breakout- but worth it)

4. 5 Liver Flushes- I’ve done 5 liver flushes in the last year, I’m sure this has helped my liver process toxins because I still eat candy and chocolate and no longer breakout from it.

5. Never wash my face with soap- too drying- use a cream cleanser. I also use sulfur-based products to dry up any pimples I may get.

Incidentally, I eat a pretty healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I’m sure if you eat a lot of processed foods it can’t be good for your skin. I also take skin vitamins. Everyone is different but I don’t breakout if I have the occasional candy bar, or even my twice-daily cup of coffee, only soda never fails to make me break out.

I am just getting into Hulda Clark’s book and ordered a zapper. I will try that and see what effect it has on my skin and overall health. Like I said my skin is pretty much 90-95% clear but if acne is caused by the Trichnella parasite as Clark says I’m sure zapping would be helpful. I will try it and post back again on my findings.

I hope this helps everyone who is battling acne, I learned a lot from the forums when I was struggling with my acne and am so happy that I found a way to cure/prevent it that doesn’t require me to stick to an unreasonably strict diet or spend a ton of money. Vitamin B5, Colloidal Silver -if you make your own, and Liver flushes are relatively cheap compared to all the other stuff I used to do. Good luck to everyone and don’t get discouraged if it takes a while longer to cure or if you get an initial breakout, its tempting to go on prescription drugs but I would advise against it- you’ll only be messing up your system and masking the true cause.


We have a new forum system just developed with many specific categories on colloidal silver. It is actually still in beta-testing mode, but you are welcome to address any questions there as well as here.

With chronic acne, there are more issues involved than a localized infection. In many cases, acne is indicative of an acidic system, and this must also be corrected.

When using colloidal silver to treat skin conditions, it is not enough to spray it on and let it be. My preferred treatment is to soak standard dressings, and apply it to the effected area. The CS should be kept "hydrated", and applied as long as possible.

Better yet, buy an aloe vera plant ( don't bother with the store-purchased aloes ), and mix your CS with aloe vera. This is the one substance that has shown to have no interference with the action of colloidal silver.

Best Regards,



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Think of it like this, with all the crap we eat and unless we eat organic food then we are all consuming crap to some degree then all that gets stored up in the bowels. Now consider the use of antibiotics, bad genes, certain foods, sickness' from the past etc etc which contribute to a more then likely chance of a thriving bad bacteial colony in the bowels.

We all have over 100 trillion bacteria in our bodies and it's not hard to disturb the balance, unfortunately people with skin problems, all skin problems except viral conditions tend to have 'leaky gut syndrome'. What happens is in the bowel it has a mucous lining which protects the blood stream from being contaminated by foods which haven't been broken down properly. When a thriving bad bacterial colony exists some of these pathogens can actually burrow holes into the gut wall and make holes and disrupt the mucous lining from forming properly.

End result, food particles, chemicles, food addertives etc, pretty much anything that reaches the bowels may be absorbed to some degree. Guess the end result?

Your body starts attacking itself as in attacking the foreign matter(the stuff that shouldnt be in the blood sytem) and trying to eliminate the impurities. The body has a few escape routes to flush 'waste', the bowels, urin and you guessed it the skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis etc being the end result.

Need to eat healthy to stay healthy, but first off people want results and to start off you need to do a parasite cleanse, liver and kidney flush and most importantly a bowel cleanse to get rid of virtually everything in your bowel and start afresh. Then start eating properly, NO hydrogonated oils (margarine), sugars, yeast products etc etc etc and you'll be fealing so much more healthier in no time.

However, the bacterial problem on your face is at a point where it needs extra help, staph type bacteria is great at resisting antibacterial treatments and allowing wounds to fester constantly, ever find yourself chasing pimples around in a circle? Sure bp may eradicate pimpes here and there but its not getting deep down in the skin to completely eliminate the problem, so boom the pimpples pop back up later once they regroup and build up their numbers again.

Into the scene comes collodial silver, it penetrates deep down into all tissues in the body internally and externally and destroys ALL bacteria, think about it, if bacteria dies, your pimples die, you figure the rest out.

Secondly do a search on google on BENTONITE and BENTONITE MASK, it's more then just a clay pack, it's negatively charged, nearly everything in the body is positively charged. Works like a magnet drawing everything from heavy metals, to chemicals, to bacteria even radiation out of tissues and into its clay matter and is completely harmless to the body. As iv'e said above, iv'e been reading stories on people healing acne, to gangreen infections which needed amputating to a host of other problems using bentonite. It's also the primary substance used for everyone who does cleanses, it sucks everything out of the bowels too.

I'll end saying this, if it can cure gangreen, then it's sure got to be effective in acne treatments.

Their are many more much informed people then i am on this topic, go to www.curezone.com to find more answers and besides it has an acne forum therir aswell.

One more thing while i am it, the skin is used by the body to eliminate bad substances, yet the majority of us pour chemicals into our skin to alleviate our problems, can't be good in the long run, probably explains why alot of people who just let nature take it's course heal up by their late teens yet us lot are still fighting the war.

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