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WoW ! 6th day after my TCA peel :)

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mornin' all ! smile.gif

one word - WOW !

spelled backwards - WoW !

just woke up (didn't sleep well tonight) so i'm a little blurry.

what i can add today is simply this . my face peeled in about another 10% - the pigmentation that was there is ... GONE !

never, never, never in my life i thought i could see my face that clear.

i can't take some more pictures at this stage, cause YOU will not be able to see the difference now - but if you'll look at the pictures i already took - you'll notice one cheeck (the profile picture) has (had?)_ some brown (marky) marks smile.gif -

it hasn't all or most peeled yet - but the area that did has - these spots - gone, or if to be honest they are not gone but :

some gone totally, some went from being mediun sized as you can see from the picture to a needle head size -huge different (hope to picture it tomorrow) - and some - at the place that there was before a brown spot - now you can see there was something because there is a faded RED/pink round mark. like the brown spot was pulled of it's place. it's not a scar. it's just a faded sign for it's past present .

considering the fact that i could have never belive those noticable brown spots on my face (again - you can check my pictures to see) can be disappeared - i'm very excited.

one final word for now - i know my skin always been VERY prone to pigmentation, and especially now.

and i'm sure hearing evidences and also from my doctor that freckles DO come back.

so i AM trying to think of the best regtime (except sunscreen) to keep my skin at least to keep staying 80% of what it looks like now.

it doesn't change the fact that right now , what chemistry has done to my face is a Wonder. surly nothing less.

have a good day. hope to talk with people here during day smile.gif

hope i encouraged some of you a bit smile.gif

have a shiny day - but not that sniny smile.gif

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Congratulations on your results! Post some pics of the final result when it peels completely.

I´ve been thinking about having a 25% TCA peel at home and the only thing I dont like about it is the fact that people say the skin only gets better for a while, then its back to its previous state. I dont know how thats possible, so I have to give it a try.

What I can tell from what I read is: have as many peels as you can, leaving 4 weeks between each one. That should give you the best long time results.



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that's what i'm afraid also - that the effect will be only temporarly . and i get used to the best and than it will be ruined.

i hope that even if i do over time get a bit worse - it won't get to the state i was before . (i really hope. and of course i know it requires proper maintenance of the skin (you got any ideas ? )

well - the comporting thing is - that i saw IT IS possible. i mean - there is a choice in this world for me and many people to realy improve skin.

althought - it's not that simple to do it. it's not hell, but it defenetly requires at least a week at home. not going out. and that is NOT something i can afford every month .

i don't know.. what to you do every day ? a job schoo l ? cause you'll need a week without no seeing anyone .

again - i would'nt advice doing it alone.

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wow your positive reactions almost conviced me to hit the order button for some of this stuff wink.gif . Great that it worked great hehe. i got alot of red spots and some pigmentation spots, hope this will do wonders one day on my skin too. but not yet, cuz im on medication.

Nice going!

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