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Fernandes say many olympic members are needling

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Don't know what fernandes is saying here. Maybe he wants everybody to needle or use his environ creams or what ever.

How can creams or needling improve sports performance?


What about lifestyle factors, Des? I'm thinking about smoking, and diet, and stress, and sleep, and all of those things.

Des Fernandes:

Well, I agree with you 100%. This is where people have to take responsibility for their lives and realise that you can't eat excessive amounts of sugar, have a smoky environment and so on, and expect to have good skin. Or good health, for that matter. Because good skin is only one part of being healthy. For the Olympic trialists and so on I thought to myself I should really do what this one Japanese doctor was doing in Japan for the Olympic team. Many of the Olympic team members of Japan are using Environ. Because her theory is that you cannot go for record-breaking times unless your skin is absolutely perfect - because your skin is what keeps the whole of your body inside in the right state. So if you don't have perfect skin, according to her, your metabolism won't be working as well, your muscles can't work as well, and for that tiny fraction of a millisecond your skin becomes very important. That's why she is promoting that. She's a dermatologist and looks more at the protective properties of skin. So it was a very interesting slant. We're busy writing a book together on skincare for sportsmen

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