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I've been a lurker on here for a few years, reading reviews and trying many different remedies for my acne. I believe my whole problem started by taking birth control in 2006. Well, I've been taking vitamins, and evening primrose oil, and using MaxClarity, and I've seen such a dramatic change in my skin. Then I noticed today that maxclarity hasn't sent a new package to my house. When I looked it up on the internet the site says it's no longer available for purchase. I'M FREAKING OUT!! I don't understand why they wouldn't warn their customers before they discontinue their products. Especially the customers who are dependent on them. I've tried proactiv, murad, clearsil, clean and clear, neutrogena, albolene, prescription clyndamycin and salicyic acid wash, birth control, minocycline, panoxyl, the list goes on. Max clarity is the only thing that has worked. Does anyone else know about what's going on? I am so upset :(

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I know, but for some reason other products with the same ingredients have not produced the same result for me. I'm not sure if it's the formulation, or foam, or what. For those that had success using maxclarity, what are you using to substitute?

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Highly recommend Lumiplexion. It's much better than any store brand acne medicine. Her main acne fighers are BP, salcylic acid, and sulfur. She puts together a personalized regimen.

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If you find something that works let me know! I also used max clarity and it was the only thing that worked-I tried products with all the same acne fighters and different foams and nothing worked. Hope you find something!

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