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I thought people didn't like me because of my bad skin, but now that i'm getting out there to actually sort my life out I find out my personality is just one that people do not easily jel with. People either think i'm too quiet, or fake, or rude or up myself there is no inbetween. Haha I give up lol.giflol.giflol.gif And why the fuck are people so fricking rude on public transport or in general? You accidentally knock someones shoulder, for example, you have the audacity to apologize nicely, and they act like you just murdered their cat or try to ignore your existence. AND what is up with the people that literally will break their neck, craning it, to avoid eye contact, especially if you are not an attractive person or not looking the best that day? If we, GOD FORBID, happen to make eye contact doesn't mean I am in love with you or the rest of the crowd will disown you or you will turn into stone. I want to punch those people in the face so badly! Dealing with self dislike is a lot harder when there's nothing but cunts surrounding you daily lol.gif

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Public transport in the UK is not all that great people are quite often in a rush or its full of riff raff. I would carry on with being polite if you nudge some one there is no need to change your self to fit in with others unless you find the need to or have some issues.

I think society in general is a bit messed up its based on superficial things, not everyone has great skin everyday of the year and people either look at you with a shocked look or try blank you like you don't even exist. Its not just people with acne, other issues as well it applies to many people do it if they don't like the look of some one regardless of skin etc.

I wouldn't worry about the things you describe just spend time with people you enjoy friends, family etc and ignore other peoples behaviour,

All the best


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People have an innate fear that associating with someone with undesirable qualities will make them undesirable. Similar to how if you have a nice house, and the house next to yours is trashed, the value of your nice house goes down.

I know I am guilty of this occasionally. Not with acne persay, but it makes me uncomfortable to spend extended periods of time people who are really overweight, socially awkward, unhygienic, etc. I try to be accepting of a wide range of people, but when people hit the extremes of certain things it becomes difficult.

I think it's best to just accept that people don't want to associate with strangers in general. I know I accept my coworkers and such, even the fat, stinky, overweight ones, more than I would some random person on the train, because I am associating with my coworkers in a comfortable and safe environment.

I have actually had some pretty bad experiences of some really creepy people trying to talk to me, flirt with me, or sell me things on public transportation, so I do avoid eye contact on subways.

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