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Well it's up to me.

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Well the car is sold, i have money for the floats, food/flight/hotel and dermabrasion.

I recently spoke with Dr.Y and we discussed all the risks and benefits and what to expect from the procedure, i will be getting a call from Cassandra either tommorow or monday to get some peoples numers to talk to them about dermabrasion experience that have my skin tone and acne scarring.

I showed my mom the pictures and she was afraid, i must say i am afraid but i feel is one of these things that if i don't get done i'll have it on my mind all the time and just think about having it done or when i could get it done you know, that's the biggest fear for me, this constant thing eating me inside. But there is also the fear that something might go wrong, i guess i'll know what to do in the end. IF anyone is willing to help that would be good.Thanks

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man i hear you. I also am planning on getting dermabrasion and have the same thoughts, but think about it, your getting the procedure done by one of the best, if not the best doctor out there, so if you take care of your skin after the procedure it'll be ok. The only woman that had complications with derm. with doctor Y had it because she applied make up days after the procedure! so of course it got infected.

Good luck with your procedure!

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You are doing the right thing. I'm so excited for you. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. THis is important to you so you absolutely must do it. Follow the doctor's orders to a T and your results will be optimum. Also remember that sometimes doctors forget that this is the first time you are hearing their orders so remember to get your post surgical instructions in writing and read them over and over so you don't accidentally do something you're not supposed to that would compromise your results. While you are getting it done you should visualize the results you want and continue doing that several times a day while you are recovering. The mind has a great deal of power over healing. Plus, don't avoid looking at yourself while you're healing - keep your mind on it. These things help me heal. Hope they help you too.


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I totally agree with tomorrowneverknows! thats my plan of action, to get subcision, followed by N-lite and maybe some sort of filler, and then if i still amn't happy, perhaps follow it up by a couple of rounds of needling, and then take it from there.....
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Amnesiac ,

I know that this is a very scary thing, but if you feel you are making the right decision in your heart, then you really are. Just make sure that you are doing it for no one else but yourself, in addition to having realistic expectations regarding the procedure.

It's hard to believe, but as soon as you meet Dr. Y., it will not be so scary. You've PM'ed me before, and like I said if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate.

Best of luck

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amnesiac, good luck I too can empathize with your feelings I made my down payment yesterday and had insomnia most of last night.

BTW I spoke w/a Dr. Y patient who's been treated by him 6 times, soon to be seven. She was the nicest lady. I think this is the same lady that Leo spoke to. Just talking to her made me feel better (for a while).

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i now your fears and exitments.

this week i've done a low-medium TCA peel by a derm ,and i'm still at home recovering.

i don't know much about dermabration, but i know this :

if you trust your doctor and trust yourself - meaning - that you'll do exactly what is told, and no rushing, touching your skin, going outside before time etc...

the risks should be minimum.

i guess if you came to selling your car, it means that the subject's reallt important to u in life , and "stops" your life-

so i say-

you MUST to yourself make a brave decision. i guess you are already not satisfied with your skin - so you are going to have a procedure that has most most chances to convert it dramatically.

i so much wish to you that after you'll do the step you will be thrilled you did it

best of luck !!!

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Thanks for all the replies, i sold my car because i can get another car, but can i get these years back?, that's really what i think about, this prison of neglecting to look in the mirror, this burdon of unhappiness, with myself, my relfection. It's really a sad sad feeling i know some of you here can relate, and here i am starting my life basically and yet i look down the road and having my face this way always seems to play a part in anything i will do, truly sad but we know it's true. Money comes and goes, time does not, life does not, i'm afraid i have already missed out on great things.

I have not tried other scarring procedures and honestly i don't have the patience to look in the mirror for years to come and say well at least they seem less noticeable today and still be at battle with this monster forever.

My mind is still undecided, yet i am desperate to get this over with!! smile.gif

Well thanks for your time and let's keep talking, it helps.

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i can just tell you - all the feelings about looking in the mirror. not being able to look in the mirror. not living because of that. i am so so familiar with that.

and after i got to these forums i started understanding how many other people just like this are.

and people with perfect skin will look at all this obssesive like it was shallow. they can't understand how's the need to fullfill your self, and not look at the eyes of people and see the uncomfort in thier faces trying not to look directly at you.

this week i did something. you can see the pictures in my profile.

i don't if it will last for long. but i never felt like this. just going out from the house - facing the world. it's amazing.

i wish u will all my heart - that you'll do it , and get al least 75% improvement . i guess that WILL satisfy you smile.gif)

please just check before any detail from people who have done this . it's very helpful

GOOD luck !

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I just took out a new credit line with Bank of America........ a full 9 grand to spend on my floats/travel expense/dermabrasion/etc...

This is something I don't want to think about any more. I want it BEHIND me. I want to look in a car glass window or store window and not get nautious at the sight of my scars and poor skin quality.

We must do it!

This is an investment to our future and we owe it to our future selves to correct this. The phsyical side is not nearly as important as the phsycological side of this. We cannot be limited anymore by our scars. I say if you can find the means to correct, then correct it. Good luck!

P.S. I'm scared as hell.

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I plan to get dermabrasion next year in March/April. I wish I could do it now but I have to save up money for the procedure, hotel, airfare, etc.

The only thing that frightens me is the fact that I have olive skin. But I know I will be in good hands with Dr. Y.

I am really glad that I found this website. It has given me hope and comfort knowing that I am not the only one.

As far as getting dermabrasion. I am soooo excited.

I am just sick and tired of living under a rock. I feel that I have been living this way for the past 4 years. I constantly avoid going places and have missed out on a lot of fun opportunities.

I vow that I am not going to be like that anymore. eusa_naughty.gif I am going to change for the better and I know it starts from within. I am going to start eating healthy, working out, and enjoying life. Dermabrasion will be the icing on the cake.

I wish everyone the best of luck .....

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Tomorrow and Miss Shady: Exactly what I've been saying. If you aren't satisfied with the dermabrasian, less invasive procedures don't seem to work very well if at all on skin that has been dermabraded or had co2 (Tamara is an exception to this).

My opinion is that people should at least START with less invasive procedures.

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Hey want perfectskin, i too have olive type skin but not too dark, i have asked for some of Dr.Y's former patients numbers who were around my skin tone to see if there was any complications, i'll let you know.

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