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Salycylic acid 20% peel

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Hi everybody:

Just wanted to report on my recent results with a 20% Salicylic Acid peel from Natural Skin Shop. I had read about Robert's (from this board) results with this peel, and until now, I'd only been using glycolic acid peels, so I wanted to bring some different acids into the mix to change things up a bit. I'm up to 65% glycolic acid (from Makeup Artist's Choice--I started with 40% and worked my way up), which seems to help with my skin tone and plump things up a wee bit, but I need to up the results a bit.

To back up a tad, I had pretty bad acne starting when I was around 20 years old (had it mildly from about age 15 on) and finally went on Accutane when I was about 21, and ended up going 2 rounds of it to finally clear me up. Now I have one or two zits pop up occasionally, more so right after I do a peel. I use Sage Skin Care products to keep any big mommas at bay and help with my skin's appearance. Right now, I have mild, shallow scarring (hope I'm being objective there) with a few small boxscars on my upper cheekbones (my right side has a couple boxscars that might be considered moderate) and a scattering of icepicks and rolling scars on my cheeks and jawline. Makeup covers them almost completely, but I want to get rid of any scarring as completely as I can.

So, I got the Salicylic Acid 20%, in addition to 85% Lactic Acid I purchased from Loganwood Skincare. I did the Lactic peel early last week to prep my skin (it was similar to a high % glycolic peel), and I had done a 12.5% full face TCA peel a month ago, which made me peel quite nicely.

I'm pleasantly surprised that the salicylic acid peel, which I did late on Saturday night, made me peel big time! I thought I would have a little flaking, since I have the toughest skin there is, but by Monday night, I saw the telltale wrinkly skin that was already beginning to peel around my laugh lines. The peeling was pretty significant and just as good, if not better, than what I saw with the TCA peel. As of tonight (Thursday), I'm almost completely peeled except for the area by my outer jawline, and several of my icepicks look to be softened quite a bit. I'm going to take a break from anything but the mildest of peels (I have some 40% glycolic I might use in a couple weeks if my skin gets mucky) and wait for the collagen to build up. I'd noticed things improving about 2 weeks after the TCA, so hopefully I'll see good things in the coming weeks with the salicylic acid.

Well, that long post was just to let everyone know how salicylic worked for me, and I have skin that is resistant to many peels unless they're strong, so perhaps someone who's getting resistant to glycolics or wants a more significant peel can try this. It frosts almost immediately and does sting quite a bit, but I fanned my face and then washed it off when it got to be too much (2 to 3 mins. tops). If you're new to peeling or have sensitive skin, definitely a lower % of salicylic acid would be a better idea.

I think my results are also improving with the Puredeming R-ALA Intense Gel and the Amino-Plex spray I got to help the newly peeled skin rejuvenate.

So, my thanks to Robert for giving the feedback that led me to try Salicylic Acid, and here's hoping this stuff will help! smile.gif If peels aren't helping the more substantial boxscars, I'll have to evaluate where to go next.


(edited because I'm a dummy and spelled "salicylic" wrong)

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Wow, I didn't know that a 20% Salicylic Acid peel would actually "peel." It must have had a low ph, correct? You're like the queen of peels here hehe. Have you considered some non-peel treatments?

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Wow, I didn't know that a 20% Salicylic Acid peel would actually "peel." It must have had a low ph, correct?

I was surprised, too, but happily, 'cause for me, peeling is goooood. smile.gif Actually, I'm ashamed to say I don't know the exact pH, but it must be toward the lower end, 'cause my skin was sheddin' like a snake by the second night!

You're like the queen of peels here hehe. Have you considered some non-peel treatments?

lol.gif "queen of peels"! I guess I have tried a lot in my neverending quest for perfection, and I've only recently moved on to anything but glycolic acid. After reading up on this site, I'm wondering about certain non-peel treatments, but the cost and the fact that I don't seem to heal as fast after using Accutane are things I have to consider. So procedures like dermabrasion, despite the fact that I think it might be too invasive for my type of scarring, might only make things worse. ninja.gif I'm reluctant to go for anything that'll involve weepy scabby skin, and being a recluse for more than 4 days, I might jump out the window. eusa_shifty.gif

I wanted to try something that would help the little icepicks and those pesky boxscars on my right cheekbone, and punch excision sounds interesting, but I think I need to read and research more. I'm hoping my little "at-home" treatments might make enough of a dent to satisfy me. (Yeah, I'm an insecure perfectionist, what are the odds?) wink.gif


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Ahhhhh. You went on the Accutane monster twice? How was that the second time around? I found Accutane worked really well but I do have occasional pimple or several pimples when I aggrivate my skin. It's sooo hard on your liver! Did you have cysts after you started Accutane the second time. I know when I was on it, the first and only time, my skin went balistic for awhile. Ughh. So the peels are helping your shallow scaring? eusa_eh.gif

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I'm glad to hear your results. The 20% SA doesn't peel me or frost me unless I really layer it on. I mainly use it as an acne treatment and in combination with copper peptides. By the way, the ph is 2.0, and it is unbuffered. I just ordered a new bottle.

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(sorry it took me a while to reply) By the second round of Accutane, I was an old pro. It cleared up even faster that round, and once I got the prescription for the pills, I stopped panicking, but I had to pretty much convince my new dermatologist that only Accutane would work and I did NOT want to waste time and money screwing around with topicals and antibiotics and crap. I didn't really have cysts, but I had acne that just went apesh*t and I would get at least 3 to 5 new zits a day, usually painful and pretty big but not cyst size, I would say. They just hurt like an SOB and were everywhere. It was horrible, and I think I've mentally blocked out much of that time of my life. LOL. Once I got on the Accutane for the first time, finally, I cleared up within 2 to 3 months. And I don't know if I had the dreaded purge, I was just so happy to see that zits weren't coming out of nowhere.


Interesting. The 20% frosted right up on me. But it's possible that my skin was slightly weakened by the lactic acid peel I'd done the previous week. The frosting was good, though, because I really peeled, and day by day, some of the shallow scars I was obsessing over have faded. The Amino-Plex spray I got seems to be really helping a lot. I would try copper peptides, too, but I'm doing good with the Amino, so I might just stick with that.

All in all, a great peel though. I think that combined with the TCA and lactic acids might gradually get things back to "normal." I was worried I might have to try CROSS in the future (and I still might) or something like Smoothbeam or a non-ablative laser, but I hope with patience and time, I'll really see the benefits of using the peels and some very good makeup. wink.gif


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