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I'm going 2 a naturopath tommorow to look for ways to clear up my skin... and just 4 general health. Has anyone done this? I'm going 2 ask about fasting and liver flushes and which is right 4 me, and which is best to take (between green tea, flaxseed oil, aloe vera gel, garlic, evening primrose oil, coconut oil etc.) She specializes in getting nutrients out of the foods you eat...and taking as little vitamins as possible.

-will update with my results

Has anyone ever tried this?

*also going to ask about accutane and the effects on the liver, if she would suggest I go on it etc.

I already do the basics

-eat healthy (lots of fruits and veggies...all organic)


-drink lots of water

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No because I didn't have the money to do so and I always did my own research. However, if I became ill, I would try to seek out a naturopath before going to a conventional doctor.

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I was going to a naturopath for a while, it's going to basically consist of "trapped toxins" in the body, he is going to put you in a strict diet by looking at your eye probably, he will reccomend foods to consume and avoid according to "your" case. No dairy, meat, chicken, seafood. You will probably substitute dairy for soy, lots of it. Also no bread expect natural health food stuff, you will be confined to purchase almost all of your food from the health food shop.

Supplements will consist of a detox/cleansing supplement mix, chlorophyll in liquid form, Antioxidant and multivitamin.

I tried it for a while and it did some good, yet what we don't seem to understand is that all of this is going around or avoiding the real problem, i mean adult acne usually means our body is not well, something is not working right or balanced out. I am still searching for what my body seems to have messed up in the last 7 months wich in my acne started, currently i have normal thyroid but seem to have hyperparathyroidism, i'm also going to a "generalist" doctor so i can do some blood test to measure deficiencies, metabolism, hormones etc.

Good luck.

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You were right about what she said. Said to keep on taking normal vitamins. She put me on a herbal detox (herbal drops 3 times a day) for a month to heal my liver. And digestive enzymes. I'm allergic to milk, and shellfish and I have alot of food sensitivities...like if I eat too many tomatoes I get lots of canker sores. The enzymes are supposed to help your digestion of those foods. I stopped eating red meat about 3-4 years ago when my mom got cancer. Now if I eat it I get sick, she said that's cuz my enzymes kicked out. She reccomended meditation and nicatinamide gel. Supposedly like bp but has vita b3 in it. Doesn't make your skin so dry...she said people had good results with it.

she reccomended I drink dandilion tea, milk thistle tea, green tea etc.

Oh and if you have a good health plan like insurance or what not, they pay for a naturopath. My dad's plan is $500 a year. The visit+all the vitamins she gave us were only $194.

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The liver cleanse is working quite well, my nails have stopped splitting, my skin is healing really well...I used to scratch myself and it would stay around for a few days...now that doesn't happen anymore. My hair feels really soft...but my face just broke out today eusa_wall.gif. She said it could get worse before it gets better. Knock on wood.

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