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All I get is BIG ANCE cstys, pauples...is it gonna end?

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csyts, paples...whatever you wanna call it.

I've been on the regimen for about 4-5 weeks now and it was ok.

I wouldn't get any small whiteheads or anyhing, but i would always

have a big huge pimple just sitting there on my face.

As it started to go away. Another one would be right there to replace it.

I've tried hydrocortisone, and applyin a whole lota on-the-stop.

Now i just use panoxyl 5% just on the big zit, as a spot treatment.

It still takes a long time for them to go away. Cause they dry up

(come to a whitehead), but leave this hard red bump. and still haven't

gone away. Any suggestions?

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sounds like lots of irratation is going on. I would drop using bp in that area and use strictly the hydrocortizone until that area calms down. Then once it calms down then slowly and i mean slowly start applying a litle bit of BP you might have use to much in that area to begin with.

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Imagine Ive got a cyst on the same exact spot from past other cysts! LOOOOOOL...As soon as the cyst leaves and the red mark becomes less..It blows into a cyst again on the same EXACT spot! loooooool....This one that I have now is such a pain..It popped and came back again 2wice...Its never like this. But if this sucker wants to fight..Ima knock his lights out , but I dont know how or with what :oops:

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The reason why cysts appear again on the same spot is because it was not properly drained when popping it. You should go see a dermatologist or if you can't, try waiting for awhile before popping it to ensure that the cyst is indeed 'poppable'. But be careful cause these type of acne may leave indented scars or i suggest you go to a dermatologist if you can. :lol:

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I have had the same problems before. With me i would get one cyst or paple and would know it would lead to a few more in the same area. Sometimes as you say the exact same area again and again.

My first suggestion would be to see about getting some antibiotic lotion or something from the doctors to use only in the areas infected with the cysts. I know people will say that eventually skin becomes used to the antibiotic but it can help to kill the infection that keeps causing cysts in the same areas.


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That's exatcly what I get.. same spot, non stop cyst/paple crop production!

What kinda antibiotic lotion are you talking about?

I tried hydrocortizone.. but it doesn't seem to work. i have 0.5%.. can't find 1% in canada. does it really make a difference?

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