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Heads Up! Going For Vbeam Next Tuesday

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Hi everyone!

So for those of you who is like "whats Vbeam?" I'm going for a Vascular Laser Treatment, that is supposed to work on your redness you get from Acne, on August 7th!!

I will post my personal experience on this message board, so please follow if you're interested :)

In the meanwhile, I would love some people who have experience, comment on how exactly their procedure went.

Like for example:

-did you bruise?

-if so, how long did it take for your bruises to go away?

-did you see some improvement in your redness after the first treatment?

-did you see improvement in your minor redness after the first treatment?

-did you see more improvement if you bruised?

-did you breakout in your initial treatment?

Of course, questions, comments, concerns, from those of you who did not go for the treatment, who's considering treatment, or who's just wondering what Vbeam is, are very very welcomed :):):):)

I hope this can be a fun forum!!

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I had vbeam 2 1/2 weeks ago for multiple veins on my chin, bridge and the sides of my nose. I brusied like hell and was very red for 3 or 4 days afterwards, this gradually disapated to a point I was completely back to normal (unfortunatley) after 2 weeks. The Veins are totally gone and I am a happy camper.

Well worth it, well worth the $200 out of pocket it cost me

I did ask the doc about whether you could use vbeam for PIH (I presume that's what you are looking at it for), the doc said you could but that IPL lasers, BBL more particularily, generally gave a better result.

I had 5 IPL treatments (not BBLs) late last and early this year and it reduced my PIH and general facial redness by 75 - 80%

As we all know around here, everyone is different, so best of luck


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Hi Declan! (or dabowez!)

Thank-you for your replyrolleyes.gif

And yes you're very right, I'm trying to get rid of my Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation! Such a pain in the butt :((

But WOW you were so blessed to be able to get rid of your veins in one treatment! Most people take an average 3 treatments to see some results.

And the for the bruising! Gone in 2 weeks? That's incredible! I hope my treatment will be the same tooeusa_pray.gif

I've seen some forums and some could even be bruised for a month, which is what I'm really scared about at the moment, DON'T WANT TO HAVE POLKA DOTS ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

And as for the IPL, I heard it works wonders on hyperpigmentation, BUT unfortunately, did no good for me T____T

I went in for 4 treatments, along with micro-dermabrasion, and did not see any improving results....

The only good thing about the IPL was that it was really cheap, like $98 including the microdermabrasion, but then I broke out badly on my 4th treatment so I stopped going ;___;

Thank-you for your experience it really helps!

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it was funny about my bruising, as everyting else to do with my skin is crappy, every cyst I have ever had has left a scar including lots of hypo (white) pigmentation on my neck, my bruises went away quickly, go figure.

I presume you are using AHA for you PIH, with appropriate SPF during the day obvioulsy. I've found by trial and error that if I get a big cyst if I blast it with AHA twice a day, leaving it alone otherwise, the swelling is gone in about a week and the PIH mostly invisible in a month or so.

One thing I found with the IPL is that the skill of the technician is very important as well as the setting, it seems to be a real "goldilocks" thing, not too strong, not too soft, just right to get the best results.

One final thing, apologies for going on, I did a few micros as well 1 was some kind of herbal infusion conconction the others were just standard, the standard ones were great, cleaned out some black heads, left me with a nice glow, the herbal infusion one left me with a couple of large cycsts

Best of luck

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