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Please Help. I Have Questions On Clindamycin And Differin Gel

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Hi everyone. I was prescribed Clindamycin and Differin Gel by my doc for mild acne. I have very mild acne with the occassional hormonal monster pimple. I do not have much acne scars. I have about 2 or 3 very shallow pock marks and 1 ice pick scar on my cheek. But can someone with knowledge regarding this please tell me if:

1. Is it safe to exfoliate with a salicylic acid toner while on these two?

2. If yes, where does this go in my regimen? (Day or night, before or after putting on the clindamycin and differin gel)

3. Do I apply clindamycin and differin gel on my acne scars as well?

4. Does differin gel help with acne scarring?

Thanks everyone. Have a good day.

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when looking for a toner, you should try to avoid acid/ alcohol based toners. try looking for something with witch hazel or rose petals. and im a bit confused because i was unaware that you can exfoliate your skin with a toner? i think you may have your information wrong. a toner is used to fill in open pores so bad things cant go in them. If your using an alcohol free toner you can use it both day and night. Im not too sure about differen but clyndamycin doesnt help with scarring it only kills bacteria. I heard that the alcohol based clyndamycin is better though so you may want to check that out! im using that is it does a great job preventing acne :)

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