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Kitchen ingredient face masks

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I have used face masks from kitchen ingredients at various times and I'm wondering what people think of this in addition to the holy regimen...

When I'm stressed out sometimes it helps to relax at night with a cold non-fat yogurt mixed with honey mask....it is non-irritating and feels really good. My theory is that the good bacteria in the yogurt could reduce the bad bacteria on the face. The yogurt also contains proteins that get absorbed and improve the feel of your face. The honey has anti bacterial properties that can help heal blemishes.

I've also used a green clay mask mixed with essential oils (from aveda) and water. I mix it myself because the premixed masks have too much junk in them. You can buy the green clay in a health food store. This draws out impurities from your face and also helps with the texture of the skin.

So, tell me folks, am I ruining my chances with the regimen by using these masks (I still have pimples around the mouth...hormone related, I think)? Anyone with experience here?



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There are a bunch of home made masks. Some I've heard of in the past are tomato, egg yolks and whites, yogurt with fruit, honey...

Every now and then I use a cetaphil/bakingsoda scrub too.

If your using any sort of mask, then technically, your not on the regimen.

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