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Treatments For Teenage Acne

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Hello ! I have severeish acne mostly on my face sepecifically jaw and cheek area Parts of my face are kind of left with red hyperpigmentation scars. NOW THE PROBLEM IS I have a prescription for Accutane but am terribly terribly afraid to put that into my body. My parents had Acne until they were 20-21. I just need treatments to hold off my acne for 4 more years. I'm not asking for a cure because I know lasers can;t do that. A treatment that will make it manageable for 4 years would be extremely helpful though. Money is not an object praise the lord, so gimme the best plz.. I've been dealing with acne for 5 years just about. I know there are lasers that zap the sebeaceous glands which stop Oil production for a while. That would be what I think a good option as one month with accutane i cleared up 80% and people called my skin flawless. Went off it because of cracked lips which interfered with prom and many other important events.

I have an appointment with my dermatologist on August 1st. And plan on telling her NO ACCUTANE but if she could refer me to some laser or light therapy that would be great.

Honestly I'm fed up with it, it's taken a toll on my mental health and given me depression (Acne not accutane)

I mentioned lasers/lights to my derm last time and she said "wouldn't be appropriate for your type of acne"

Like I said I am done. I am A 17 year old male who cries looking at myself in the mirror.and like I can't stress it enough. I am walking into my derms office and likely crying to her because it's ridiculous I am even contemplating messing up my digestive system for a clear face when I will clear up in 4 years at most.

Please Help Me..

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Change ur diet. Cola, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, junk food, red meat, dairy, chocolate are trigger foods. Also tell ur dermatologist to prescribe vitamin supplements A,C, E, D3 zinc. Drink a litre of pure water in an empty stomach in the morning and warm lemon water with meals rest of the day.



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I can give you another diet tip. You should see improvments in the first week.

Its a specific soup that will clear up your skin, I will write out the ingredients if you're interested.

I was in your shoes, not to try accutane, I was afraid of losing my hair lol. Luckily I was smart enough not to go through with it.

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Oatmeal cleanser. Just plain, quaker oats oatmeal, and water. Take a handful of oats, get them nice and wet, cleanse your face with your hands for about a minute, pat your face for about 30 seconds to get your blood going ( I do this morning and night ), and then apply a light moisturizer. I've been doing this for a month and am 100% clear. You don't need to worry about feeling stripped or dry or irritated afterwards, because it's completely natural and very moisturizing, not to mention GENTLE.

Just try cleansing your face with plain quaker oats morning and night. Take my word for it when I say you'll need nothing but the oats and a moisturizer, the oats cleanser takes off ALL of my makeup and leaves nothing behind. Just to be safe, one time I tried applying a toner afterwards to see if it would pick up any missed dirt, and it didn't!

And that's literally it. Because of this I've come to LOVE natural remedies. No harsh chemicals, it's like a dream. Aside from the oats, I really don't do anything special. I eat normally, I exercise every once in awhile. I don't really drink milk, but when I had acne I didn't drink milk, so it doesn't really have anything to do with it, I just don't like milk : P

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