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Justin M

I Used To Have Cystic Acne - This Method Cleared It Up:

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All you need is Ivory soap, luke-warm water, and a healthy diet. You can get rid of all of the facial scrubs, facial washes (that don't work and burn the face), face wash cloths (hard on the skin). For women - don't wear makeup, or very much makeup - as anything put on the face will clog pores, even if the label says "non comedogenic". It's aboslute BS, since anything that is caked on the face will prevent the skin from breathing and getting rid of toxins. This includes sunscreen - so the best thing to do with the sun is to get a sunhat (straw is the best kind) - and avoid too much direct sun exposure. This doesn't mean none at all, and I frequently go outside without my hat so I can get direct exposure to the sun daily. After my skin has had enough (you can feel it, trust me), I wear my hat anytime I am outside. Usually about an hour to 45 min of direct sun a day is best. The sun is really good for the skin in moderation. Always drink lots of water. Drink water constantly all day every day. Also limit sugars - like candy bars, white sugar, and soda. Natural sugars found in carbs are okay. START JUICING with raw veggies and fruit. Watch a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" - you can watch it for free on HULU. Make juicing veggies/fruit your primary food source, and compliment with limited amounts of meats, grains, etc. Do not eat food in boxes or that are frozen. Shop only for fresh produce as much as possible. Avoid alcohol as much as possible, as it is toxic. Start drinking your coffee and tea black with no sweateners (it's not that bad - trust me). It's better to limit as much dairy as possible - or none at all. Eating it occassionally is ok - like in pizza. But daily habits like coffee, where you are constantly introducing dairy into your body, is best avoided. Obviously - get exercise daily, preferably in the sun. When you bathe in the shower, use luke-warm water. Do not scrub your facial skin. Lather the Ivory soap, apply with warm water, wash, apply more water, gently stretch your facial skin and wash all crevises of the face, then relax your face, apply more water to the soap, and gently wash the skin. Keep applying water to the soap on your face until you are confident it is cleaned thoroughly. The key to ridding the acne is to clean the skin thoroughly, but also gently. Ivory soap is very gentle on the face, and I usually add the soap to my face first with the bar, then keep washing and adding water as needed until my skin is cleaned thoroughly. I never get that over-washed feeling with Ivory, but the skin will flake at first when you start using it. If you follow my method, you will eventually see that this is dead skin that was simply never being washed off - this is what causes the acne. By washing the skin thoroughly, you can get rid of the dead skin. Just do it gently with Ivory soap and warm water. You don't need benzoyl peroxide, and you need not worry about "overwashing" with Ivory - that's just a misconception. You don't need to scrub your skin to get it clean, but you do have to apply enough soap and water until it is clean. This method worked for me. My face doesn't ever feel like it's hurting - my skin feels GREAT now. It works. It worked for me, and I had acne - cystic acne - from 16 until my 30s. Ivory soap is THE best way to clear acne. It's pure and gentle - exactly what the face needs. And it cleans thoroughly. Make sure you bathe when you first wake up, after exercising, and before going to bed. Bathing twice a day is best.

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