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Hey guys, Paul here. I figured I might as well keep a log on here to let everyone know how it works for me and also to remind myself of the journey.

A little bit about myself:

  • I just turned 15 recently

  • I play Tennis almost daily, often for many hours at a time in the hottest and coldest parts of the year alike

  • I've been struggling with mild/moderate acne for the past 2 years or so. It's only become relatively bad for the past year and a half, and was at its worst starting about 3 months ago

  • I live in Georgia, and a very humid part of it also. I sweat. Profusely in the Summer time.

  • I like to consider myself being in fairly good shape. I run track as a form of cross training for Tennis.

  • I have been extremely frustrated with acne and it's affected my social life drastically in the past year

So I have an idea! Let's do something about it!

I stumbled upon here not too long ago. I read up and decided to give The Regimen a shot. What can I lose?

I'm not going to to get too wordy here, I'm just going to go straight into my log from the best of my memory. Today, July 29th is the 10th day of being on it. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated daily, but of course no promises. <3

DAY 1- Not too bad, honestly. I had very little trouble following the regimen. I probably wasn't quite as gentle as I should've been, but oh well. Happens. I notice that I like the smell of the products. Very natural. I have extremely resilient skin (I have 2 scars after a year and a half of acne) so I went straight to 2 times per day considering my previous acne regimen was much more drying/abrasive than this one. I know, I'm not supposed to. But I did. Also, this was after a pretty bad breakout before I started the regimen. So a little burning in open sores.

DAY 2- Still not bad. The previous breakout was healing normally, nothing special. I liked how my skin felt. Very natural, like it was supposed to. No dryness, no irritation.

DAY 3- Again, nothing special. Previous breakout nearly healed, red spots faded from old spots. No new spots forming. Very pleased.

DAY 4- Very pleased with my skin this day. Previous breakout had healed and I was getting used to the Regimen and the proper way to apply it. All is going very smoothly.

DAY 5- Noticing a few small spots here and there. Little nervous. Could this be the initial breakout?

DAY 6- HOLY GREAT MOTHER OF GOD AT THE ACNE. Can you say breakout from hell? Massive, inflamed spots. Painful. Extremely, extremely frustrated.

DAY 7- AND IT CAN GET WORSE? FFS. This blows! Luckily, everyone cancelled their plans on me for the week. I stay inside, annoyed.

DAY 8- Slightly better, still pretty bad looking. Not happy whatsoever. Nothing special to report.

DAY 9- This was yesterday. The biggest spots were starting to heal, flaking off. Whew.

DAY 10- This was today. I woke up early from 5 hours of sleep and had to go work on our AC, couldn't fix it. House temp steadily rising. Sweating, gross, etc. I get out to play a practice match. It was a nice, sunny day so I take my shirt off when we play. We played and played and played because he was going on vacation next week and we needed a good practice. 5 hours later, we finished. I hopped the fence to the closed pool and went swimming for about 20 minutes while my mom came to pick me up. Felt good, but the sunburn. Oh, the sunburn. Shoulders are really sensitive when they never see sunlight. :D It felt alright though. Nose and cheeks are a nice, bright red. But my skin again is extremely resilient so it copes well with a little sunburn. I get home and it's 97 (Yes, 97) degrees Fahrenheit IN MY ROOM. It was 2 degrees hotter in my room than it was outside. WHAT?! It got fixed though and is currently at 82 and dropping, feels great. Definitely felt some burning when I applied the moisturizer and a bit when I applied the BP before that. It's because of the sunburn for sure. No biggie though. My skin is actually very nice today. I recovered from that godawful breakout almost completely today and my skin actually looks the best it has since I started. The chlorine pool helped the dead skin flake off. All in all, very happy today with the program. I survived the initial breakout, should be easy going from here.

The last one was longer because I had a clear memory of it and what happened. The other days I just remembered the generals of what happened.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope to keep you posted!

PS. I have zero diet restrictions. I eat fairly healthy most days, and drink roughly 2 gallons of water on match days, if not more. Of course, as I say that I'm munching on some Froot Loops but oh well.

Best regards,



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DAY 11- A lot of the same. Been great. One spot on the bottom of my chin, because I probably neglect cleaning that area. Some spot treatment should zap it overnight. I did wake up late so went about 16 hours between washing. Hopefully this doesn't cause any issue. I've got high hopes for this thing.

Uploading a picture of myself at the bottom that I took a couple of hours ago. Included is the stuffed dog I've had since I was 5 years old. Been with me for 2/3 of my life, so I figure he should be with me through this too. biggrin.png

Summary- I'm currently happy with my skin. It could get better, and I'm hoping it will. But it's been much, much worse.



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hi, I've been on the regimen for about 4 months now. I love it its awesome. Glad to see someone else has something positive to say about it, since all I've been reading lately on these here message boards are complaints. Anyway, good luck wit the regimen hope everything works out, it did for me, and thats bout it!

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