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I'm thinking of getting one of these on a cyst of mine.

I get those occasional cysts

that are large & raised that stays for months.

Will a cortisone injection from a derm risk scarred-tissue?

~ Sapphina

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Don't do it. I've found that they do tend to leave a slightly dented scar. Not always but often. What's better is Smoothbeam. The laser brings the cyst to the surface then you can gently open and drain them. Open it with a lancet used for diabetic testing then put pressure on it with the tweezerman tool made for removal of blackheads. I know this sounds grosser but in the long run it will clear up better. If you buy a package of smoothbeams ask your dermo if you can come inbetween sessions to get your cysts treated. Mine has done it for free but that was just once inbetween full sessions. I doubt the same deal will exist after my course is up.

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I have cortisone injections quite frequently and i havent had any scarring or anything..just smooth, not red skin..but i think what emmanuel and oldguy say about an experienced derm is very important because too much cortisone can cause the skin to atrophy..most derms use low concentration cortisone but well...in the end its up to you..but so far, ive had 12 and no scarring just happiness!

Frankie smile.gif

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I've had shots twice and nothing happened to me scar wise either. I wouldn't do it often but if you need some intervention, it works really well and the cyst should be gone in 24-48 hrs. eusa_eh.gif

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Every time that I get cortisone injections,my stubborn pimples dies within a couple days, except this time........its been more than 3 days,after 2 injections and its still there,no sign of shrinkage.Has anybody had this problem??I thought it works EVERYTIME???Anything else i should try??BP gel perhaps?

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