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UPDATE : more pictures with after TCA 23%peel-day5

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morning all

(morning here)

i added more pictures of me this morning. (go into my card, and then to my gallery).

as you can see, since yesterday is looks like i have a Nylon on my face, or some transparent crust . like i have a nylon mask (you can see on the pictures).

i must say WOW - skin beneath is amazing. don't know how much will that last.. but i hope there are ways to keep it that way.

as you now see - you can see what Hyperpigmentation i was talking about always. it's hard to see cause the webcam shows only 50% quality. but you can see approximatly.

anyway - it seems dirty, but remember - the peeling it's self makes all the pigmentation arise to the surface - thus looking very visible and gitantic.

i still have a feeling and fear that all this brown spots not gonna go away , just fade a little. but it's a matter of waiting and seeing.

last night i had not an easy night... itching.. and the vaeiline made me very uncomfortable, greasy, i couldn't turn in bed, and the peeling almost didn't move since yesterday at noon. but i don't wanna do anything unnatural to speed it. i want to do everything right. if there is anything i learned in the last month - is that you should not toy with your skin.

sometimes you have to restreint your self from overdoing.

but on the otherhand i want it to happen already - i have got to look VERY normal coming to worb next monday, and i have friends i've been avoiding for a week. smile.gif

that will not accept my explanation that my skin suddenly look that good only because "i'm haapy" and a good sleep smile.gif

i hope you can see the pictures. i must say i don't think i ever saw in the net pictures like this of the peeling itself , so i like to be a pioneer smile.gif

you can comment freely,

a good day to everyone, and to tracy smile.gif

i will update smile.gif

as for the meantime, like my skin - i'm "hanging in" there smile.gif

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hi narko,

well, i don't walk to bring bad luck -

but no, the part of my skin the already peeled doesn't have any scars.

and i'm not pulling and other skin myself. although since yesterday afternoon - i had mo more major peeling of the skin.

i have to go to work on monday and afraid the peeling won't be completed.

i'm much much more afraid of pigmentation than scarring. that my skin's weakness.

i don't think i can put sunscreen already. cause i moisture skin every few hours with parrafin perscription cream or Vaseline.

i sit in a room with windows and curtains closed and didn't go out till last sunday. so the only Uv rays on my face are from hours near the computer i guess. i hope that's not to dangerous for the new skin.

i already have one faded-pigmented spot on the 'new' skin (i think you can see it in one picture) , i guess it's in a place where a brown spot once was.

anyway - yesterday skin looked really amazing (the skin that peeled) i guess you can see it in the pictures.

i'l keep checking youe response, and updating smile.gif

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sorry. i'll correct some mistakes . the first sentence in my last messege was :

"i don't want to bring bad luck -

but i can say that the part of my skin the already peeled doesn't have any scars".

i guess i'm treating my skin as i should acoording to all your advices. and i have patience. not hurring and NOT rubbing my skin with the moisurizer so i will peel before it's time comes.

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in the morning it really looked good and pink and when i put vaseline new skin just glows (mayb'e i'll use vaseline all the time ? smile.gif

although there is already one faded-brown spot that stayed i guess on the new skin. i think you can see it in the pictures.

the real test will be the brown-spotted pigmented area that is shown in the pictures... if only 50% of the spots there totally disapear - i'll be satisfied...

till now- i haven't been peeling a whole day.

that's not that good. i wanna peel totally be sunday...sad.gif

but i don't do anything unnatural to intefere with skin natural peeling rate. i didn't got this far to start damaging my skin now.

i have patience smile.gif

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Hey some... Glad that you are doing well. Can you explain how to get to your pictures? I'm new here kinda. Also, I read or heard vaseline can permanently enlarge your pores. I used olive oil on my face after my minor peel and it didn't burn me at all. I think Perricone is starting to use it in his creams. Anyhoo, good luck to ya!

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hello littlebit,

this link is for the pictures. hope it works.


tell me what you think smile.gif

(it's a bit bit gross maybe - so be aware smile.gif

(these are the less shocking pictures smile.gif))

thanks about the caution about the vaseline. never heard of it.. wonder if anyone else had.

i have another (stinking smelly) Paraffin cream my doctor perscribed me. maybe i'll go back to it.

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Amazing! Your peeling quite a lot some! I can tell that you pigmented areas are a lot less pigmented as you can see it darker under the skin that has not peeled yet. And your new uncovered skin looks nice and smooth. But then again, your skin looked great in those other non peeling pictures, uniform in color and nice and smooth, no acne.

: )

Oh and by the way... Great lips you have dear!

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thanks little bit.

about the picture of me before the peeling. it's an illusion smile.gif

i only looked like that from a far on pictured with a low quality camera smile.gif

in reality i had pigmentation , freckles, that month by month became more and my skin looked more dirty then clear. and it made me misareable. cause i don't think i'm ugly, but my complexion sure didn't show that.

anywat the real difference you can slightly see from the peeling pictures. you can see closely that my skin was far from smooth and clear (not much acne - but spots and freckles and pigmentation).

the doctor was honest and told me that Flat-moles (don't know how you call it in english) - the tca peeling CAN'T make disapper (and looking at one of these right now on my new skin - he was right), but freckles and pigmentation - he told me - it will shed off ! (bu he didn't explain me the difference between freckles and flat-moles smile.gif))

so i just have to wait and see.

since those pictures were taken today there was no major peeling. non at all almosy actually.

i start to get a little nervous cause i due to go back working next week.

but all will be ok smile.gif)

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enter sixth day...

i think these next two days are crucial.

and i'm DYING to get out alread. locked up at home for 5 days. i've been forgetting what is a human companionship. smile.gif

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I know what you mean. I was peeling this week and felt like a hermit! I feel like I have to wait for the cover of darkness to even go get my mail! lol.gif But, it looks like your peeling is going really well. It takes so much patience to wait it out, I know, and it feels like days stretch on forever, but once it's done, it's over, and you can return to normal life. Your new skin looks terrific, so just hang in there! The end is in sight!


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hi redhedgrl

i'm okay. just start to get a little tight cause i have to go back to work on monday, and my face have only pelled less than 50% . and i don't want to do anyhting to accelerate the natural procees . (don't want to ruin anything that was accomplished).

i don't remember what peel YOU have done. was it a TCA ? are you satisfied with the results ? how long does the baby-looking skin look lasts ? did you have pigmentation ? did it disapear ? did it come back ? how long after the peel are you ?

sorry for the question , and i don't know if they are relevant to you.. but if so - i'd be glad to hear smile.gif)

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I know how ya feel. Believe me, the fact that I have a family birthday party to go to on Saturday made me a bit worried wondering if I'd be a peeling mess, but it looks like it might be okay, and even if I were still peeling pretty bad, I'd just tell everyone what I'm doing and that would be that. smile.gif

If you aren't completely peeled by Monday, don't sweat it and just go back to work and focus on the job. Just tell people you got a bad sunburn if they look at you funny. Tell 'em you went on vacation, fell asleep after a passionate afternoon with a hot chick in the sun on a Cancun beach, and got fried up. Just keep a straight face when you say that, though. eusa_liar.gifbiggrin.gif

My most recent peel was 20% salicylic acid (did it on Saturday night), and I peeled like a snake. I still have flakies on my forehead, and all along my jaw and hairline is still not peeled completely yet. I also did a 12.5% TCA peel, full face, about a month ago, and I also peeled good with that one. I think, though, that with this salicylic acid peel, it took longer for me to start peeling and the skin didn't want to hurry up and fall off! I just kept slathering it up with Vaseline and tried my hardest to stay patient. The baby-looking skin seems to stay for at least a few days, and then the layers seem to build up again slowly, and your skin is still soft and smooth, but it's not as vulnerable once it gets stronger. That baby-type skin is very easy to injure, so it's best to be very very gentle with it until it can build up a tolerance to the elements. As far as pigmentation, I have freckles that have been here since I was born, and I like 'em, so I wasn't concerned with having those faded, but I do notice that any red/pink marks from old acne that were there are considerably faded or gone after I do stronger peels. My results seem to last a long time. I continue to do the peels so I can build on the good results, and I have been very happy with what I've been able to accomplish so far. I can cover up most of them with makeup and what does show bothers me a little, but I figure there's room for improvement and lots more I can do in the future to help them.

Hope that helps. Keep the updates coming!


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thanks very much girl,

i'm off to bed in a few minutes (well since i'm ALL day at home for days - my wake hours are different).

well, i don't mind the being at home so much - i have patience and a week from your life is nothing.

but yesterday i got the erge to just go outside see people, and this beutiful beutiful skin coming - i felt to good with it just to get out of the house as it is.

i can already strart seeing to places with little-medium faded brown freckle/pigmentation. but i'll have to accept that.

i'm not going out yet . so i don't use SPF . maybe from tomorrow (cause almost 50% of my face peeled.

i have the shishedo's spf 55 - which is strong of course - but a bit drying so i'm very afriad it can ruin my skin. i'm on a dilemma.

i also have a more oily cream spf 34 of Dr Fisher . just simple chemcicl protection.

maybe i'll try that.

u haven't dont a ~25% peel so i guess ur peel was a bit less strong - but i can tell you - the peeling i have - NO one is gonna belive it's is a simple sunburn at work smile.gif

by the way - your last TCA you did about a month ago - i don't think you can talk about long term effects yet , cause it's really short time yet. i'm wondering if those peels don't have opposite effect looking back on two years. maybe my skin will go back to be worse than it is (of course i'm gonna use high spf every day etc.... but still)

thanks for you words and opinions,

it nice discussing this with u smile.gif

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Wow smile.gif those photos have converted me...I'm gonna have to track down those TCA threads, along with the other threads on peels. Then i have to go through the cumbersome task of having to buy them online when i have no credit card confused.gif Then the even more trickier situation of explaining to my partner exactly what i'm doing to my face biggrin.gif .

Oh, but, I can't wait! Oh yeah, Congratulations, your skin looks AMAZING!!!

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BTW, I think we should have a TCA peel thread, Ive down a search and have found alot of broken info and different percentages a go-go. I think an explanation and discussion is in order!

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hello dindin,

thanks very much.

i can say (carefully) that - YES . it is amazing. it's hard for me to belive i come to a point in my life i have a face looking like that.

i am very prone to pigmentation. and this situation is very sensitive - but if to speak for now - it's really magic. and i know sometimes pictures are not as close to reality - but i tried to photo the pictures closely as i could for you to really see the amazing thing.

i wouldn't advice you do to this alone.

you can read my other posts . i posted this week every day since i have done my peeling this sunday.

if you want - you can tell me what are the "problems" of your face and maybe i can tell what this peel is good for (as far as i can see now) and what it won't be effective for smile.gif

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thanks kindly some! smile.gif

I haven't had a lot of experience in peels so far, but have tried the occasional papain mask etc, with little success. My scars are fairly shallow and are mainly on the apples of my cheeks and the middle of my forehead. Unfortunately for me, quite noticable. The TCA peels have interested me for a while, but i haven't tried them mainly because of the diffiiculty getting access in australia. I've also got light skin, which is a little rough, so hopefully this would be perfect (please say yes! biggrin.gif )

Also, my skin is pretty tough and could stand a stronger peel, it's not at all sensitive after all the stuff I've done to it in the past few years rolleyes.gif . I'm reluctant to buy the weakest peel first as the time waiting and money involved vs. results (but if the general census says otherwise, I guess i can consider!).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially on the diiferent strengths. BTW, how did you arrive at your %?

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