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i think there comes a time

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eusa_shhh.gif i've been lucky enough to not be able to categorize my acne as "severe", but after having consistent moderate acne over the last few years i can safely say i just don't care anymore. i'm only 21 years old and i've already experienced some very bad things in life. i've got severe hearing damage from years of being a drummer and tinnitus (my ears always ring)... so acne is just the icing on this shit cake called "life".

my face is pretty badly scarred from acne, if you look at the profile of my face you can, in light, you can clearly see how seriously fucked up the integrity of my skin is. its very uneven and bumpy thanks to acne.

so what i mean is, after a certain point, who cares? i mean acne has already destroyed my self image. it has robbed me of what self esteem i had. i think i'm really reaching the point where i feel sorta dead from this. it could however be a good thing because if i stop caring maybe i won't be so self concious anymore. maybe i can just walk around like a big peice of meat with legs.

i have a girlfriend that i'm absoultely in love with, she has PERFECT skin. it's so freakin' smooth and clean. it amazes me how some people have naturally beautiful skin and others are kicked in the teeth with this shit. i'm just so thankful that i have a girlfriend who sees me for who i am on the inside. at least i hope so, every time i see a decent looking guy with clear skin i feel very depressed and wonder if she resents me because of my acne.

i'm really just venting here, but i'm curious to know if anyone else feels the same. i'm not talking about kids on here whining about having 3 or 4 pimples, i'm talking about people like me who have endured years of acne and have completely lost hope due to scarring and mental anguish.

the ironic part about all of this is the fact that my acne is actually clearing up right now pretty well after i stopped smoking pot about 3 weeks ago... the screwed up part is now that my acne is clearing i'm beginning to see the permanent effects it is having on my skin, i can clearly see that i'm going to have a good amount of scars from this part of my life. i doubt i'll ever actually 'heal' from acne.

thanks for reading, it's good to know other people are going through this too but at the same time i wish everyone could enjoy a clear complexion.

good luck to everyone.

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My boyfriend had really bad acne. But, he got cure, like about 4 years ago.

Why do you say if your girlfriend is gonna recents you? It's just scars.

My boyfriend has scars. And I still love him. I find him handsome. His a doll...Anyways, I know how you feel and best luck for you.

hugs. wub.gif

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if it didnt matter anymore, i wouldnt be on this site and no one else would. Fact is it does matter, it always matters...you can subside it but you can never get rid of the thought that you have it on your face. In a perfect world then we could just say hell with it, but its not, i try not to let it get to me only when i know im strong enough to face it.

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Guest !CiRiEiEiP!

im the same as you but without the having a girlfriend part (im jealous of you already). ive had acne since 10 grade and it was never seriously bad but enough to give me a shit load of scars. actually my scars arent noticable until you see me up close but i deffinatly see them. totally screwed up my self confidence.

i love coming here because i see how im not the only one feeling this way about my skin. i just got my first zits in weeks last night so im kinda down today but ill get through it and i know its nothing to worry about.

egoprofit, ill make note whenever you post something cause i have a feeling we are alot alike.

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jup got the same and my girlfriend says doesn't matter, scars and acne you are still handsome. it's amazing. though my scares are obvious i try to deal with it. Just see how many guys have scarring from acne, especially the people around 30 / 40 /50. Who didn't have the accutane and scartreatments that we can have. '

It's there and maybe my acne is and was (and the scarring) is worse than the average peep who had zits or acne but it's a natural thing.

Just save up some money so you can get scartreatments later on in life. Hope is far away from gone. Never let it get to you and never let it win.

and yea i've had moderate acne almost 5 years. this year starting off with getting severe acne and of course all the scars from the past years and now the pretty bad ones that occur. It's gonna be ok, one way or another. And it is true, i got zero selfesteem. but yea that's that.

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You should be happy that you have a girlfriend that is so special to you mate. I reckon if i had someone like that my scars wouldn't worry me anywhere near as much...

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egoprofit- i completely mrelate to you. especially about the scars an everything just neverending sad.gif when i was in a relationship, you would 'think' it would take my mind off the scars and acne, but hell no, i was soo much more paranoid about it. because not only did i have to worry about it because it was on my face, but now i was dating some guy that had to look at it to sad.gif it didnt bother him, he was very nice about it.. but it drove me insane sad.gif *sigh* hang in there bud sad.gif

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