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Ok, my skin is koo, but now im battling a different disease!! Oil Skin!! Everytime I use the school bathroom and look in the mirror, my face is basically shining! I can almost see my reflection!! And everytime I touch it my finger basically slips off. But on a serious note, how do I reduce oil skin? The only time my face was dry 24/7 was when I was on Accutane. But its been about 2 months after Accutane and my skin is getting more oily by the day!!

Any treatments or medicines for oily skin? I need help NOW!!

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its ok elsa....

after tane, i never ever get big zits that even remotely resemble cystic acne. ever. just little white heads.

i'm actually finding out now that a combination of Bp + SA wash seems to work pretty well for me, post tane.

that is, if it ever comes back CROSS THEM FINGERS!!!!! biggrin.gif

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Yeah I know what you mean Elsa, I remember when I was on tane' (street slang for accutane) I always got those pimples that never really made it up, and then go down. And I still have that problem!! I get a bunch of tiny bumps that never really develop and then quickly die!! Only prob is I still have a bunch of red marks on my face and its annoying as hell!!! whats the point of losing acne if you still got red marks all over your face? It really doesnt make a difference, seriously

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