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Is My Skin Addicted To Light Acne Therapy?

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Hi, I am new to this message board but have been browsing it for a number of years on and off.

For the past year or so I have been using a home light therapy product called 'omniux clear u' which worked perfectly to remove my acne, as it was quite bad. The instructions say that it is meant to be used for a 6 week treatment, then the acne should be cleared after that period and use should be discontinued for a period of time, and that results last for about two-three months minimum, or permanently. Then if the acne does return to do a top up treatment. (I do not have the manual so do not remember the time periods exactly, so it's a rough guess). However I would say that I have been using it quite consistently for a period of almost a year. Whenever I finish a 6 week treatment course, and stop using it, the spots seem to re emerge quite quickly, which is not meant to happen.

My current routine using the 'clear u' twice a week, washing my face twice daily with bare water, moisturising my face once in the morning with oznonated olive oil (which completely eliminated my scne for well over a year then stopped working, but is overall a nice moisturiser), and take various supplements but for un-acne related reasons. To be precise; ginseng, and adams multi vitamin.

I was wondering what I should do or try if anything? As it is a bit of a pain to use the clear u two nights in the week, and it can temporarily tan the skin if used for too long. Maybe I should incorporate a natural face wash? And could anyone give me any recommendations for a natural fave wash?

My skin is clear by the way, and sorry for the extremely long post.

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Light therapy is not a cure. Most reputable sellers of acne lights will tell you this straight out. It kills the bacteria currently on your skin but it does nothing to prevent your body from forming new acne.

My guess is that your acne is hormonal and you need to start treating it hormonally as well. If you are female, look into birth control or spironolactone. If you are male, try taking saw palmetto or stinging nettle. Also cut out dairy and sugar from your diet. This article explains why dairy's hormones makes your body create acne: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/do-milk-and-sugar-cause-a_b_822163.html

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Thanks for the post green gambles. I am a male by the way, but I find your post really interesting. As there was a period where I was spot free for about three months with no light use, but I was only eating sweet potato and mackeril. But I really could not stick to the diet any longer.

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