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How Much Water Consumption Per Day?

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Thats right folks, i was wondering how much water should be drank on a daily basis, personally i go through 2lt's a day and usually more when i'm working out.

Is there any safe amount that you should not pass for fear of damage to kidney's bladder etc?

Drinking water definitely helps pass the toxins accumulated throughout the day and night out of your system which can only be beneficial to the ultimate goal of clear and healthy skin.

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i think it helps with acne and with healing scars and redmarks. i'm consistantly dehydrated because i just really don't like water...i did do an experiment and drank a TON of water for a week...my skin cleared, and my scars were not very apparent AND it got rid of some of the fine lines below my eyes...i just wish i liked water more cry.gif

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When I became interested in running, I came across websites about marathon runners that passed out from drinking too much water. I'm too lazy to find the site again, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere. My ex, who was in the Marine Corps, actually knew a fellow Marine that died as a result of mass consumption water. I didn't know there was such a thing until he told me. So, TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS NEVER GOOD.

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