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Make up and job interviews

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Hi, I'm new. smile.gif

I have a job interview coming up soon and my face has been full of dark acne scars for quite a few years now. Do any of you ever get concerned that you might wear too much makeup and look like a you-know-what in an attempt to cover up your scars? My makeup (Fashion fair soufflé) does a pretty good job at coverage even without piling it on, yet it's still quite clear that I'm wearing makeup.

Just a little bit of background, except Church and the occasional outing, I'm not a makeup person otherwise. I actually started taking makeup on interviews seriously after seeing a PBS documentary where the employer representative at an interview was complaining that some people just show up poorly groomed, without makeup, etc... Please help.

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I think as long as you don't wear lip, eye, or blush colors that are too over-the-top, you should be fine. I think the only makeup that would be noticed in a negative way by an interviewer would be garish colors all over the face. If you have to wear a little extra foundation to feel confident, I don't think anyone would hold that against you. If you showed up with bright blue eyeshadow, bright pink blush, and fire-engine red lipstick, you might not be taken seriously. wink.gif

Usually, it's good to just make one feature of your face stand out, preferably one you think is striking. So, play up the color of your eyes with a subtle but pretty eyeshadow and eyeliner, do your eyelashes extra dark, or make sure your lips stand out with a glossy color that complements your skin tone. That way, your confidence and your pretty eyes or lips will make more of a statement than anything else. A good suit that fits you like a glove always helps, too. lol.gif


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muchos gracias! smile.gif Not only would the foundation help my confidence, I'd look a HORRIBLE mess without it! It just wouldn't go with a suit, not to mention trying to impress someone in a professional setting for the first time. smile.gif

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I totally agree with Redhair here.I'm a bit older , and my experience has been that most interviewers like someone who cares enough about their appearance to take a bit of extra time to present an attractive package, if it is tastefully done, no over the top colors, a great hair cut, and nice nails.You have to shake their hand ,so active length well manicured nails for a woman are a must with NO chipped polish.Some jewelry but keep it conservative.If you have already met their HR person, or recruiter, look at his or her style of dress and presentation and use that as a guide. I do inerviews at my job and I am shocked that some people still come in not having shaven or chewing gum.Good Luck in your job search and share with us your progress. smile.gif

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Thanks apple I will keep you posted! smile.gif

Active length nails?! he he.. I bet you didn't know women like me existed but my idea of grooming my nails is cutting 'em tongue.gif Alright alright, I have some length right now so I suppose I could stop by the nail shop to get my first ever professional manicure.... minus the professional. Just first ever. lol.

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