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Is No Picking Good For My Skin?

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hi all! =)

Every where i here dermatologist say dont pick - but i feel like i want to hear more, like what will happen to the pimple if i dont pick , what will happen to the yellow puss, will it come back????

I dont really have problem skin, but occasionally i get a pimple or two. I usually leave them alone and it feels like a veerrryyy long process- they become yellow, they become big and yellow, they start drying out, they shrink , they leave a bit of a bump or red mark for a few weeks and then bye bye i think.

However every now and then i pick at them after they have dried out and shrunk (i just cant take it anymore) and i guess thats what causes the real problem/damage

I just have one thing that is 50% bothering me - the other day i had two pimples next to my mouth and i remember leaving them alone, lettting them dry out , but after a week or so i could still feel that bumb under my skin and the skin was a bit darker then the rest of my skin. So i applied some BP and s.acid , so 2 days ago they started coming to head again ,,,, so would it have been better if i popped them in the first place? however i do take into consideration that my memory isnt as good so these might have been different or new pimples, but i dont think so. So today i popped them , the one didnt leave a scar , but the other one looks quite horrible (maybe it wasnt quite ready to be popped)

My question is just what happens if we leave a big yellow pimple alone??

So maybe i should try both picking and not picking thorougly. I'm gonna give the no picking 2 weeks and update exact details that happens to the pimple , and whether it actually goes away, because now im not so sure.

Please let me know what you think? whats your experience with leaving pimples alone , do they go away after a while?

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What happens if you leave a big yellow pimple alone? Itll heal on its own. I know it doesnt seem like thatll happen when all it does is grow, but thats your body flushing out the nasty junk thats clogged in the pore, and when all of it is out, itll dry up and fall off naturally.

Today, for example, I had a disgustingly large white head on my upper lip. It came in yesterday, and today it grew tenfold in a matter of hours. I didnt touch it though, and it fell off naturally as I gently washed my face, leaving behind just a faint red mark.

The more you pick at your pimples/marks, the more irritated they become, and the longer itll take for them to go away. Not only that, but they can often scar (without you realizing at first), and scars are just as bad as the acne itself.

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When you pick you actually push some of the bacteria and stuff further into your skin without realizing. So it gives you more pimples because the bacteria spreads out and the pimple you popped will come back. Also like runzmc said, the picking can eventually leave scars.

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