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victoria =)

Comedonal Acne, Or A Skin Fungus?

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I've been dealing with this what i think is acne, for about 2 yeArs. it's mostly on my forehead, bit recently I've gotten some on my cheeks and chin. the thing is, nothing, and i mean nothing clears it up. bp clears up my inflamed pimples but nothing works on these little bumps. they're skin colored, itchy sometimes, and get worse in the summer. im lucky to not have cystic acne but this type takes a toll on my self esteem too :( I've used proactive, acne free, baking soda, aspirin mask, neutrogena wave, panoxyl 10% bar, aveeno acne clearing products and all that otc crap with no luck. i also got bp lotion and a topical antibiotic gel from the derm and that didn't work either. these products do work on my inflamed acne though, just not these bumps. does anyone have any advice?? or success stories of getting rid of it? right now i'm using clean and clear sensitive facial liquid soap and olay complete uv lotion. and i'm also on beyaz bcp for acne, been on for 4 months and nothing! i just can't Getty rid of these stupid bumps!!!! and it looks worse with makeup. i'm out of ideas. what about a clarisonic? would this help get rid of it. I'll post a picture with this so you guys can see.



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It may be fungal. You can either get an antifungal pill from your doctor, or try the OTC route. You'll need to get Nizoral shampoo, which has 1% ketaconazole in it, and apply it on your face like mask. Leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse. Do this twice a day for 3 weeks.

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Hey girl! I had the same problem, just a bunch of skincoloured bumps on my forehead. Ive recently started neostrata smoothing cream which has like 10% glycolic acid in it, and all those tiny bumps have cleared up! Still going through purging fase on my chin but my forehead has already cleared up (excluding the zit i get when im on my period)

So you might need to get a good exfoliator with glycolic or salicyc acid. Im still very pleased with neostrata smoothing cream but there are more brands who have good exfoliators ( paula's choice for example )

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Tea tree oil is supposed to be a good anti-fungal, anti-septic too. I have only used it as a spot treatment in the past, but I am going to try it dilluted all over. You and I have a similar problem!

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