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Hi people!!!

I'm just writing to say i have moderate to severe acne. Been using Botchula's regime for couple weeks now, ive used everything before so no adverse effects to BP or SA, but a few questions.....

hmm the black head clearing scrub......does it work??? i mean everytime i use it, it works to a certain extent....come the end of the day all the black heads are back, whats the point in it??? its like washing your face with grit! i mean no difference in my reddening, all red (whole face left with big purple, blue, dark red light red blemishes). I mean and they're so annoying, they get stuck on the bath in the soap on nail brush in your hair....what is the point???

Erm secondly,

the BP , botchula says he gets a tingly sensation...i get nothing from it....perhaps cos i used SA and BP for two years a couple years ago to get rid of this stuff that my skin has tolerance to it and acne bacteria just think....' oh he's using you again is he?? well we've got stronger since then so your gunna have to do better than BP 10% to kill us!!!'

well i might be over exaggerating that acne bacteria can talk....but still!

Erm im still getin 10-20 new white heads a day, and around 10 or so big fat pustular ones under the skin that look like blemishes. So im gonna keep going with this regime (i do use moisteuriser because i have very dry skin) i have bad acne so i guess it will take a lot longer than most people to see any results, im just hoping i see some results in the next two week.


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I gave this reg 8 weeks and have tried it two times after the first inital 8 weeks, and all I got was worse skin each time. SA just doesnt work for me, and may not work for you. That I mean too much exfoliation, to irritating or whatever the reason, but I just cant use it. I stopped SA around two months ago and I have never looked back.

However, your only at the two week point and thats when some get a breakout around then, give it at least 4-6 weeks then judge.

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